What Size Air Fryer for a Family of 4

Most of the modern families require a smart kitchen appliance for cooking the regular meal. Fried food is one that will be loved by kids and also every age group. Due to the high oil content in the deep-fried food, many of us do not prefer it, or we go for it every occasionally.

Families that love fried food can go for a compact air fryer that can do incredible fries. If you don’t want to have multiple cooking appliances in your kitchen space, then you can keep an air fryer that can fulfill most of your baking, frying, roasting, and grilling needs. On this page, let us discuss the air fryer that suits a 4 member family.

Comparison of Best Air fryers for a Family of 4

Serial NoProduct NamePowerTemperature and TimerSizeBuilt-in-ProgamsAccessoriesDimensionWeight
1COSORI 5.8 Qt XL Air Fryer1700 WDials5.8 QtNoRecipe book11.8*11.8*12.6 in15.97 pounds
2Gotham Ti-Cerama Air Fryer1200 WDials4 Qt6 preset programsNo18*4*13 in8 pounds
3Brio 36011 Black 3 Qt size Air Fryer3 Wattage control 600, 900, 1300LED temperature and timer controls3 Qt6 preset programsNo8*8*13 in14 pounds

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Air Fryers that Can Serve 4 Members:

Air fryers that are above 3 Qt size can cook for a family of 4 members. It will be ideal to choose a 5 Qt size air fryer that will be adequate for 4 members where you need not regret if you get friends and close ones to home.

Reasons to choose an air fryer for 4-member family:

  • Fast cooking ensures extra time for family
  • Healthy options by reducing oil consumption and minimizes the cleaning process
  • Occupies very little space in the kitchen countertop
  • Less stress for a small family
  • Never fumes up the kitchen

Reviews of Top 3 Air Fryer for a Family of 4:

#1 COSORI 5.8 Qt XL Air Fryer

COSORI 5.8 Qt XL Air Fryer
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The ergonomically designed XL air fryer is compact yet can serve up to 5 family members. The rapid air circulation fries the food evenly and crisps the outer surface and gives an exciting meal for your family with less stress.

The frying basket has a push button that allows a snug fit to the air fryer, and the matte finish avoids stain and makes the cleaning and storage easy. The air fryer comes with 30 recipes and 8 quick recipe guide that is mentioned on top of the air fryer.

If you want to avail accessories, you can easily browse using the code mentioned in the product description and find the needed ones. The trendy control dials let the user set the temperature and timer.

The air fryer fries the vegetables and chicken in a short time and gives fried texture with maximum nutrition intact. You can also prepare cake and cookies with beautiful quality much faster than the regular oven.

With this beautiful air fryer, you can cook for 4 to 5 people and surprise your family and friends with different delicacies. Though, if you are a newbie to the kitchen, you can make guilt-free fried food equivalent to the restaurant taste using the air fryer.


  • The matte finish helps to clean easier
  • Push button to safely place the basket
  • 8 recipes guide on top of the air fryer
  • Value for money
  • Can efficiently serve up to 4 to 5 people


  • No built-in cooking programs
  • No accessories

#2 Gotham 4 Qt Ti-Cerama Air Fryer

Gotham 4 Qt Ti-Cerama Air Fryer

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This beautiful looking air fryer does the entire cooking for a small family with no trouble. The non-stick Ti- Cerama copper-coated basket is toxic-free and can be used easily to cook fries, steak, hamburgers, pork chops, spring rolls, chicken, and cake.

The removable basket has a push button that is safe to fit in the air fryer and gets appropriately locked. This air fryer offers easy cooking and also effortless cleaning. You can prepare fast and straightforward recipes.

This versatile air fryer will reduce your stress in the kitchen and makes cooking enjoyable. There is a timer dial in the front of the air fryer and temperature dial in the top, which makes it ergonomic to use.

The auto-shutoff option adds a safety feature and lets the user experience seamless cooking. A small family of 4 can be happy using this air fryer since you can make a lot of healthy food for your dear ones.

Even cooking, durable parts, and user-friendly features help new chef gain confidence in the kitchen. The copper coating in the parts of the air fryer with the black body makes it attractive and suits perfectly for gifting your family and friends.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Attractive and perfect for 4-member family
  • Has auto-shutoff function
  • Comes with 5 preset cooking programs


  • No accessories

#3 Brio 36011 Black 3 Qt size Air Fryer

Brio 36011 Black 3 Qt size Air Fryer

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This 3 Qt smart air fryer is simplified to the user’s easy understanding and works excellent to fry, roast, dehydrate or bake the food. It has 6 preset cooking functions that offer effortless cuisine.

The three different wattage controls help in setting the temperature according to the respective recipes. The non-stick basket and the surface of the air fryer ease the cleanup activities in the kitchen after frying food.

The auto pre-heat option makes the cooking much faster than you expect and reduces your strain in waiting. There is a safety feature that ensures the operation only after the basket is locked incorrectly.

The hot air circulation is evenly spread to cook the food entirely and makes perfect fried food equally tasty as restaurant food yet much healthier than that. Whatever your kitchen size is, this air fryer fits without consuming much space in the countertop.

A four-member family can enjoy a wide range of fried and baked foods without heading to a restaurant. The operations are simple, where you can assist your kid in working with it without any risk.


  • Simple operations
  • Compact and efficient enough
  • Comes with divider shelf and drip tray
  • Safe to use
  • Sufficient preset functions
  • Durable LED controls


  • Might be noisy for some users


If you are interested in changing your eating habits with a family comprising fried food lovers, then you can choose the healthy cooking option with an air fryer. Small families expect to keep things confined and simple for a seamless routine that can help even kids to use the kitchen when the parents are away.

Small air fryers offer guilt-free food with no-sweat in the kitchen. Apart from baking, roasting, grilling, and frying, you can heat the food whenever required. Every urban kitchen requires a compact air fryer to lessen the pain in the kitchen to make fried food with less fear of fat content in the food.


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