What is an Air Fryer ?

Nowadays most of the newspapers and magazines are advertising famous appliance called “Air fryer,” and most of the people are aware of that product.

However, if you does not know that what exactly an air fryer is, then don’t worry we will answer your query here as you have landed on the correct page.

Well! An air fryer is a modernized electrical appliance that uses the circulated hot air for cooking snacks. A motorized fan flow-out the hot air around the food at very high speed. It results in the cooking of the crispier layer of diverse varieties of food.

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An air fryer is a great invention for all the people who want to consume the fast food but in a very healthy manner. In this appliance, you can cook great air fried food with almost no oil.

In the market, numerous big companies have launched their air fryers which might differ regarding features and cost, but all of them do one thing in common i.e. air frying.Quick Navigation

Now you must be thinking that what an Air Frying is?

When you cook food in an air fryer, then that process is known as air frying. There are several benefits of air frying. It also helps the people who are afraid of using an old frying pan which can result in fire accidents or burning of food.

The cooling structures, as well as the controlled temperature of the air fryer, help you in protecting yourself and your food too. A very less quantity of oil is required while frying food in an air fryer. You just have to brush your food with the oil so that it does not get stuck inside the appliance container.

Air fryer offers you tastier and healthier food in very less period. If you want to know more benefits of the air fryer, then it will be better to buy one for yourself.

Brief History about an Air Fryer

Let’s discuss some brief history about an air fryer now!

The first air fryer was introduced in the year 2010 in Australia and Europe. After this launching, it was presented in Japan and North America. Nowadays, air fryers are an essential part of a person’s modern kitchen.

The Japanese people use air fryers for cooking fried prawns, whereas in the UK most of the people used it for cooking chips. People, who are living in the USA, love to use an air fryer for making chicken wings.

We just want to say that, in the different part of the world, the air fryer is used for cooking different food recipes, but the ultimate motive behind using this appliance is to cook healthy food with very less oil.

List of Foods that can be Cooked in an Air Fryer

There are so many different types of foods that you can fry, grill, bake and roast in an air fryer and below we are listing some of them:

  • Air Fry
    You can cook frozen appetizers like onion rings, French fries and chicken wings in an air fryer.

  • Air Grill
    The food like seafood and the vegetables can be grilled in the air fryer.

  • Air Bake
    The food like cupcakes, muffins, brownies as well as bread can be baked in the air fryer.

  • Air Roast
    The food such as meats, chicken, pork, seafood, beef, potato, corn, cauliflower, kale, etc. can be roasted with the help of the air fryer.

The food such as meats, chicken, pork, seafood, beef, potato, corn, cauliflower, kale, etc. can be roasted with the help of the air fryer.

In what way using an ‘Air Fryer’ is Healthier than the ‘Normal’ Deep Frying?

Well! An air fryer possesses an assortment of functioning features which provide it an advantage over any standard deep frying. For example, the grill and the fan of the air fryer result in the fast circulation of the hot air through the whole food kept for cooking inside the appliance. Consequently, all these benefits in refining the grilling and crisping procedure of the food in a healthier manner. There are very less amount of calories which you consume in the food cooked in an air fryer as almost no oil is used during the cooking.

On the other hand, when you cook food in a frying pan over the burner, the large quantity of oil is used for cooking. It not only results in deep frying but also makes you consume a lot of calories. Such food is not only unhealthy but can make you affected by some serious diseases like obesity.

So, now you must be clear that cooking food in an air fryer is the much healthier option than a conventional deep frying.

Is Cooking Necessarily Faster While Using an Air Fryer?

You must be surprised to know that the answer to the above question is yes!

Well! An air fryer needs very less oil for cooking, but it also takes very few minutes to cook the food fully. With the help of an electric air fryer, you can cook frozen chicken meat, French fries, hamburger, and steak quite quickly.

In fact, you will be more surprised to know that baking a cake in air fryer is much faster than baking in an oven.

Now you must be thinking that how is that possible?

Don’t worry! We have a clarification for your query. There is an exhaust system in an air fryer which controls the temperature as well as the pressure of the appliance. Hence, the inner pressure of the air fryer is numerous times greater than the regular pressure cooker or oven. It makes your food to get brown quicker and achieve a better flavor of crispiness.

Benefits of an Air Fryer

There are lots of benefits which you will get from an air fryer that is as follows:

Healthier substitute to outdated fryer
One of the main advantages of having an air fryer at home is that it is the healthier alternative to the old style technique of cooking. When you use an air fryer, around 70% to 80% less oil is used as compare to the food made in conventional fryers. This appliance aids you in cutting a large quantity of fat through your meals.

Lesser injuries and harms
When you use a regular frying pan for cooking snacks, you always get the fear of getting burnt, so that’s why you always kept some distance from the burner. It is evident that no person want to get burned with hot oil. But when you use an air fryer, almost no oil is used, and thus you feel more safe and secure.

Stress-free cleaning and maintenance
Some people think that cleaning an appliance is much complicated than the cooking. But in the case of an air fryer, this statement is meant not to be very true. Fortunately, all the parts of the air fryer are made up from the non-stick material which offers you trouble-free cleaning. Thus, there is no need to scratch your utensil or pan from the bottom side.

All the air fryer’s parts are dishwasher safe and can be removed when required for easy cleaning. In fact, there are no chances of oil spilling as you know that no oil used while frying the food in an air fryer.

Versatile usage
It is not compulsory that you use the air fryer for frying only; in fact, you can use it grilling, baking or roasting also. It makes the appliance a multipurpose product for your kitchen. You just have to be familiar with the correct time and temperature required for cooking and rest will be done by this magical appliance.

Imperfections about an Air Fryer

As you know nothing in this world is just perfect, and same is in the case of this hi-tech machine. It does come with some imperfections, but this does not mean that it is not a good product to buy. The disadvantages of the air fryer are very less which does not overshadow its benefits at all.

Time-consuming cooking period
When you compare an air fryer with the regular frying process, it does take some additional time for getting warm up. In regular frying, you need 5 to 10 minutes for the warm up process, but air fryer requires some more time. So, it will not be beneficial to use this appliance if you are in a hurry.

Small size
Some of the air fryers come in very small sizes which do not fulfill the needs of larger families. So, in such case, you either have to cook in small batches, or you have to look at some other option of cooking as well. However, there are few models which offer large capacity, so before buying you must check your requirement in advance.

Tips for using an Air Fryer

While using an air fryer, there are some important tips which you must follow for better outcomes. The below we are discussing such vital tips:

1. You must not put the large quantity of food in an air fryer. Before placing the food, always check the adequate space for food so that air can flow efficiently.

2. It is good that before cooking in an air fryer if you pat your foods dry with the aim of evading any splattering or formation of extra smoke.

3. You should revolve and mix the food inside the container of air fryer in every 5 to 10 minutes gap for the purpose of even cooking.

4. If there is any fat in the bottom section of the air fryer, you must empty that if you are cooking food which is high in fat like chicken wings.

5. The food items must be the coat with some light layer of oil so that it does not get stuck to the nonstick surface of the container.

Frequently Asked Questions for an Air Fryer

Q: Is it possible to cook diverse varieties of food inside an air fryer?

Yes, it is easily possible to prepare different types of food inside an air fryer. One of the main advantages of cooking food in an air fryer is that it offers you a healthy as well as oil-free food in very less span of time. The air frying of food items like meat, poultry, potatoes, French fries, baking brownies and grilling different vegetables is possible with this appliance.

Q: What will be the input power capacity of an air fryer?

In the European market, the input power capacity of the air fryer is 220V, but for the USA market, it is 110V. So, it varies with the place from where you buy the product.

Q: Can you please tell that how long an air fryer takes for cooking the frozen foods?

Usually, it takes some more time while cooking frozen food in an air fryer as compare to the other types of foods. It is advisable that when you want to cook frozen food, always use the knob according to the category of food you are cooking.

Q: How much quantity of food I can cook in one single point of time in the air fryer?

Well! The amount of the food that you can cook in the air fryer depends upon the different capacity of the various models of the air fryer. The maximum number of air fryers originates with 500g of size. So, before buying the appliance, you must check with its specifications in advance.

Q: Is it compulsory to sue any particular oil in an air fryer?

No, using any particular oil is not mandatory in an air fryer for cooking food. You might use any oil in it like peanut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, butter, etc.

Q: I want to add some more ingredients inside the food while cooking in the air fryer. Is it possible?

Yes, this is possible. You might add any extra ingredients in the food when it is getting cooked in the air fryer. However, you must keep this in mind that you should add the ingredients instantaneously or else the heat can get the loss and your food will take more time for cooking.

Q: I have small kids at my home. Will you suggest me to buy an air fryer for me?

Yes, you can surely buy an air fryer for your home. When you use an air fryer there are almost no chances of getting burn or hurt. It is one of the safest product that you can use along with your kids. One thing you have to remember that it will be good if you can keep it out of the reach of small children.

Q: Can I use aluminum foil or baking paper or in the air fryer?

Yes, you may use an aluminum foil or baking paper in the air fryer. However, you have to make sure that right space for the passing the steam out is there.

Q: Is it true that we can cook two different food items in an air fryer at one point of time?

Yes, this is true that you can cook two different types of food items inside an air fryer but with the help of the divider. It not only helps in proper cooking but also reduces the total cooking time of the food.

Q: Is it necessary to warm up the air fryer before beginning the cooking process?

No, there is no such requirement, but if you preheat the appliance for few minutes, then it will surely save your cooking time to some extent.

Q: Does an air fryer make your food crunchier and delicious in comparison to the deep frying?

Yes, the food which you cook in the air fryer is crunchier and crispier as same as you cook in any deep oil frying pan. The main benefit of the food cooked in the air fryer is that the food gets crunchier from outside and soft from inside. It is a misconception in the mind of the people that food of the air fryer is less crunchy.

Our Verdict:

The actual benefits of an air fryer can be acknowledged if you buy it for your home. It is surely worth to make an investment in buying this fantastic appliance. It not only offers you healthier food but also make you push towards achieving your fitness goals.

In air fryer, you can do frying, grilling, baking and roasting with the little brushing of oil on the food. In the above article, we have tried to give you all the relevant information about the air fryer along with its benefits and imperfections so that you get a clear picture in your mind that what this appliance is.

There are several brands and models of air fryers which are variable in the market. Thus, it becomes tough to choose the best product for your family sometimes. But, don’t worry! You can read our complete buying guide about the air fryer in which we have reviewed familiar and trustworthy models.

For more query or doubt, you can write in the below comment box. We will be very happy to solve your query.


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