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Disadvantages of Air Fryer?

disadvantages of air fryer

The healthier living bandwagon has bought Zumba classes, salad shops, Detox diets, and the much-hyped air fryers. But technically anything 'fried' isn't healthy, but air fryer’s uses this amazing hot air mechanism to 'fry, grill or bake' foods which can reduce the amount of oil used to very little - or nothing at all which is the most highlighted advantage. 

However, there are many more advantages such as they make way less of a mess, it doesn’t produce the stink of fried-food, and it is way easier to use. Airfryer has more benefits than drawbacks, so are you better off in not indulging in deep frying every other cheat day? Let’s delve into its cons and find out if it’s a worthwhile buy.

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How to Clean Air Fryer

Fill the Airfryer pan with hot water

From the drawbacks of the deep fryer, the air fryer was born and since then have helped thousands of people in their cooking process to make the delicious food. Making fresh and healthy food from Air fryer is quite easy and less time-consuming when compared with other deep fryers. However, air fryers also have to be cleaned periodically, mostly after using it for a while. 

Since air fryers don't require much of the oil while preparing food, it is a natural process to clean an air fryer. By using the proper set of materials and equipment, you can quickly clean the air fryer. Below in this article, we take step-by-step methods on how to clean an air fryer.

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