Rosewill RHAF-15001 1100W Air Fryer Review

How easy it would have been if you had a magical appliance that could be used for all the major cooking methods. It could bake, fry, roast and bake whatever you wanted. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have such a device that was built on latest technology and could be accessible at a reasonable price? It surely would be.

Now you must be wishing for such a device. Right? The good news is your wish just came true and the device is Rosewill RHAF-15001 Air Fryer.

Rosewill RHAF 15001 Air Fryer
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The Rosewill RHAF 15001 Multifunctional Electric Air Fryer is a new addition to the remarkable cooking technology of this century. It is an appliance that works on the latest hot air circulation technology and can fry, roast, grill or bake your meal within a matter of minutes.

It might seem a small ordinary box to you but don’t judge it by its appearance. It actually has the power to change your life by innovating your cooking experience. Available in five unique models, this electric fryer is really a chef. You can make fried chicken, fish, beef, fries, waffles, tofu, egg rolls, spring rolls, and many other items in it with utmost ease.

In order to know about the detailed features, technical specifications, good and bad things and the FAQs about this product, keep reading this article. You will also find some useful YouTube links to this product. Read this article and decide for yourself whether this appliance is made for you or not.

Model NumberRHAF-15001 
Material typePlastic, glass
Panel typeTouchscreen
Temperature range122-392 F
TimerUp to 60 minutes
Dimensions12.6 x 10 x 12.8″
Capacity2.5 Q (2.4 L)
Voltage120 V
Power1100 W
Cord Length39.4″
Weight12.8 lb
Material & FinishPlastic & Stainless
Warranty1 year
Our Rating:4/5
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Key Features of the Rosewill RHAF 15001 Air Fryer

Being one of the top customer demands over the Amazon, the Rosewill Electric Air Fryer comes with a variety of attractive features. These attributes make the product not only unique but useful too. These features include touchscreen panel, LCD display, adjustable temperature, cooking timer, good capacity, and last but not the least: all in one cooking solution.

All the key features of this electric fryer along with the details are enlisted below.

  • Touch Screen Panel
    Understanding the importance of touchscreen in the modern world, the manufacturers have built a smart panel with high usability. The panel contains all the controls at a single place. You can perform all the functions with merely a gentle touch of your finger.
  • LCD Display
    Above the touchscreen panel is the LCD display screen that shows the set temperature and time. It is a small but sufficient display which can help you to stay updated with the status of the food inside.
  • Adjustable Temperature
    This fryer has a wide range of temperature from which you can adjust the required value according to your cooking requirements. You can set a temperature from 122oF to 392oF. Not many of the contemporary electric fryers offer such a broader set of options.
  • Timed Cooking
    You can set a specific time limit for your food to get perfectly cooked by adjusting the duration right from the touchscreen panel. When the set duration is over, the fryer will automatically be stopped and your food will be ready.
  • Enough Capacity
    Although the fryer seems a bit smaller, it has a standard capacity for cooking food. It can accommodate up to 2.5 quarts or 2.4 liters. You can easily prepare a meal for multiple people at the same time.
  • Frying the Food
    As the name suggests too, this machine can fry your food with less or no oil at all. You can have your food which is crispy from the outside but gentle from the inside. Frying you food had never been that much easier before.
  • Grilled Food
    You can also grill you food in this magical equipment. You can enjoy the taste of grilled chicken, beef or fish without going outside to assemble a hectic barbecue apparatus. You can prepare a delicious grilled meal while staying inside your kitchen.
  • Roasted Meals
    You can easily roast your food in this electric fryer. Get your chicken marinated and then put it into the machine for an appropriate time and voila! The food you had been craving for is right in front of you.
  • Bake Your Cookies
    This multifunctional cooking machine is so amazing that you can even bake cookies, pastries or any other item in it. It will preserve the taste of baking and give you the delicious output within minutes.
  • Low Oil Cooking
    This cooking magician is crucial for the people with high cholesterol level because it can cook equally delicious food with the least amount of oil. In fact, it can also prepare your food without any oil at all.
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
    There are a frying basket and a frying tray included in the package for easy cooking and safe washing afterward. These items are silicone resin non-stick coated that can offer you to cook using as a lesser amount of oil as possible.

Detailed Technical Specifications of the Rosewill Air Fryer RHAF-15001

The Rosewill Electric Fryer is a multifunctional cooking device which contains numerous technical specs and specialties. The company has designed and developed it while keeping in front all the technical aspects. If a single machine can grill, bake, fry and roast your meal, it must be technically sound.

A detailed technical analysis of the product is given below.

  • Product Dimensions
    This electric air fryer has a compact and robust design with ideal dimensions of 12.6 x 10 x 12.8 inches. With this size, you can easily carry it from one location to another. You also do not need to worry about finding a spacious spot for it in your kitchen as it acquires very small place.
  • Low Weight
    This electric fryer was manufactured not only to cook delicious meals but also to be an easy appliance to handle. Therefore, its weight is merely 12.8 lbs. which is highly optimal. This quality makes it highly portable too.
  • Good Oil Capacity
    Although the fryer looks smaller in size as compared to the other available machines on the Amazon, it can easily accommodate up to 2.4 liters of oil. It means that you can easily deep fry your chicken, fries, shrimps, etc. in it.
  • Low Oil Cooking
    The fryer is manufactured in such a way that it can cook your food to the perfection even with the least amount of oil being used. This is the height of technical sufficiency in a product like this. In fact, it can also cook some items without any oil being used.
  • Technical Timer
    The device contains a timer which can be set for up to 60 minutes, accordingly. When the time is over, the fryer starts to beep until you take the tray out. Therefore, you do not have to stay with it throughout the process.
  • Circulating Hot air Mechanism
    The technology on which this fryer is built is relatively newer. Instead of using a large quantity of oil, it uses hot air circulating through the chamber of the machine. In this way, you can get a low-fat meal with high-quality taste.
  • Front Drawer Design
    The fryer has a drawer-like basket that actually contains your food to be cooked. There is a handle in front of the unit with a button. Upon pressing it, the drawer comes out. Within that drawer is the actual basket holding your food.
  • Sleek inner Basket
    The basket inside the drawer is fixed. But you can easily get it out by simply pressing a button available on the handle. You can easily wash the basket whenever needed. It is really easy to take it out and put back in.
  • Compact Design
    This electric air fryer is designed with such efficiency that it does not take much space at all. Despite the big tasks it performs, it is very small and sleek in shape and design. You can easily put it on any of your kitchen shelves.
  • Double Protection Circuits
    It is a heavy duty appliance. The circuits inside it are made of high-quality material with enhanced protection and the wires never get melted. The double protection keeps the wires from getting naked.
  • Other Versions
    This machine is available in five different models. All of them have similar working principle but each one has its own unique specs and features. All of them are superbly designed with a common motive of healthy cooking.

Best Things About Rosewill 15001 Multifunction Electric Air Fryer

It is a featured cooking product on the Amazon because it has a variety of advantages over other products. The best things about this fryer are as follows.

  • All in one Cooking Experience
    It is arguably the best available product of its kind because it can allow you to fry, grill, roast, and bake using a single magical box. All you have to do is put your food inside it and set the temperature and time. The rest is its duty and you do not have to worry about that.
  • Easy Control
    The user-friendly panel is highly efficient. It provides you with maximum control using the least touches. Many similar products were flopped due to complex control panel but this one surely has the best panel ever.
  • Cost Effective
    This fryer saves you a lot of money every month because it uses the least quantity of oil. In typical deep frying process, you have to put in a lot of oil which is not cheap at all.
  • Health Guard
    This fryer is nothing less than a health caretaker for you and your family. Food deeply fried in oil is not good for any age group and this fryer knows that. That is why it uses less or no oil at all but still gives you crispy food. You can enjoy the unprecedented culinary experience while staying healthy.
  • Built-in Timing Suggestions
    The air fryer has a few built-in timing suggestions for different types of meats. You simply have to select the required timing and the rest will be taken care of by the machine itself. This feature saves your time and food.
  • Easy to Clean
    This product is designed in a way that facilitates you while disassembling it for washing the parts. You can easily separate all the parts on your own and wash them. Afterward, the joining of these parts becomes even easier.
  • No Heat Production
    Frying anything via primitive methods turns your whole house into a hot dense oven. This fryer is the best solution to this problem. It can fry for several minutes without heating up even the kitchen.
  • Spacious Cooking area
    This fryer has a large tray that can accommodate food for up to 4 adult servings. Although it may seem smaller in size to you but from the inside, it’s not at all that smaller!
  • Quick Cooking
    One of the greatest advantages of this appliance is that it can cook a delicious meal for you within a few minutes. It can prepare the meal in no time that would have taken up to hours using the traditional frying method.
  • A Multi-Functional appliance in Reality
    Once you get familiar with this fryer, you can actually cook a variety of sweet and spicy items in it. The list can include fried chicken, French fries, onion rings, fried tofu, fried fish, waffles, pancakes, pastries, cookies, grilled hot dogs, grilled and roasted chicken and beef and much more.

Bad Things About Rosewill RHAF-15001 Multifunction Electric Air Fryer

Besides the qualities of this product mentioned above, there are many negative points too. These disadvantages are as follows.

  • Heating Problem
    Since this appliance is a high power machine that works with the direct supply of electricity, it often gets very much heated. If you do not have an open space behind this appliance, you might end up damaging it due to overheating.
  • Low-Quality Dishwasher Safe Parts
    The tray and the basket which are used to hold the food to be cooked are not of good-quality silicone resin. Although the manufacturer claims them to be so but they get damaged if you do not wash them with care.
  • Insufficient Recipes Support
    Although there are some pre-set timing suggestions in the fryer, you would have to find out about most of the recipes’ time and temperature requirements on your own. You might end up spending a lot of time on Google search or other social media platforms related to the product.
  • Ambiguous User Manual
    The user manual that comes with the package is not much eloquent and lacks comprehensiveness. It only covers some basic operations while leaving the rest and more important tasks for the users to understand on their own.
  • Not Better Than the Oven
    If you already have a cooking oven, you probably do not need to purchase this item as it does almost the similar tasks as the oven with less efficiency. It can, in no way, be matched to the cooking range in quality, capacity, and taste.
  • No Spare accessories offered
    Since the internal basket and tray are not that good in quality, they soon become rough and need to be replaced. In this situation, you would either have to purchase the whole package or shift back to your previous cooking method. There are no spare parts and accessories offered by the manufacturer.
  • Cooks Partially When Fully Loaded
    Whenever you are cooking for three or four people, remember to shuffle the food many times during the process. The food at the bottom does not get enough hot air and hence remains uncooked. Reshuffling the food, again and again, can be annoying and may cause the taste to become unpleasant.
  • Not Suitable for Larger Families
    This appliance is ideally designed to serve singles or couples only. If you have a large family, do not buy this product as you would have to cook you meals in numerous shifts. Being hungry and working in the kitchen, this would be the least you would want.
  • Tray and Basket Gets Stuck
    To put food into the appliance for cooking, you have to take out the basket or the tray in which you would have to put the food. This tray and basket often get stuck inside the frame and won’t easily get free. Despite the dedicated button for the purpose, this problem occurs and can annoy you a lot.
  • Delicate Plastic Body
    In order to keep it light-weight, the appliance has a plastic body. Although the weight issue has been tackled by this, the appliance becomes fragile and can get damaged if not handled carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing any items, there are numerous queries in the minds of potential customers about them. It is quite natural as nobody wants to waste their money on some cheap product or the one they do not need at all.

Therefore, to know the answers to the queries present in your mind about this electric fryer, you need to go through the following FAQs.

Q: Approximately How Much Oil Is Needed to Cook in This Fryer?

For fresh cut French fries, you would need about one teaspoon of oil. For other things like fried wontons or egg rolls, you might need to just brush them with oil to ensure they get crispy afterward.

Q: Does It automatically Shut Down When the Time Is Over?

No. But it starts beeping and keeps on doing so until you take the tray out.

Q: Of What Material Is the Basket Made?

It is made of Teflon free.

Q: What Is the Coating on the Basket and Tray?

It is silicone resin coating which is non-stick.

Q: Does It Have a Divider to Cook Different Types of Food at the Same Time?

No. It does not have any divider.

Q: Is It Durable?

Internally, it is good. The basket is fine and easily washable. But the outside case is of plastic and you need to take care of it.

Q: Does It Take a Whole Day to Cook Chicken Wings? are they Well Cooked?

No. It does not take a whole day to do so and the wings are nicely cooked by it.

Q: Is the Product with White Color actually White or Is It in Gray Shade?

It is a mixture of white, gray and light blue like boasted in the picture.

Q: How Much Warranty Does the Manufacturer offer on This Product?

There is one year warranty on this appliance.

Q: are there any accessories in the Package?

No. There aren’t any.

Q: Is It Easy to Clean? Can I Take Out the internal Components or Do I Have to Take the Whole appliance into the Sink?

Yes it is easy to clean it. You can easily take out the internal basket and tray and wash them separately in the sink.

Q: Can This appliance Work with a 220 Volts Power Supply?

No. the electrical requirements for this appliance are 120V.

Q: How Long Does This Electric Fryer Take to Heat Up?

It takes around three minutes to heat up at 170oF.

Q: How Can I Bake in It?

There is a small basket supported by a tray. You can put your food in this basket and it will be baked. The same basket is used for frying, roasting or grilling.

Q: How often Do I Need to Wash This?

It is highly recommended that you wash it after every use. Otherwise, you will get a taste of the previous food in the recent meal you cooked in it.


This appliance is made for the people who want to get an all-in-one cooking package for their kitchens. A multi-functional cooking device like this available at a very reasonable price is nothing less than a treat. What else a person working in a kitchen would want if he/she gets a single appliance that can fry, bake, roast and grill the food?

It can also prove to be a vital choice for those who love snacks but cannot have them due to high fat. With little or almost no oil at all, you can fry your favorite food in no time. The purpose of this article is to save you your precious time and provide you with all the necessary information about this fryer at a single place. It can really provide you some useful insights on whether you should buy this item or not.

Therefore, ease your cooking experience and ensure the health of your family by ordering this amazing fryer on the Amazon today.

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