How to Clean Air Fryer

From the drawbacks of the deep fryer, the air fryer was born and since then have helped thousands of people in their cooking process to make the delicious food. Making fresh and healthy food from Air fryer is quite easy and less time-consuming when compared with other deep fryers. However, air fryers also have to be cleaned periodically, mostly after using it for a while. 

Since air fryers don't require much of the oil while preparing food, it is a natural process to clean an air fryer. By using the proper set of materials and equipment, you can quickly clean the air fryer. Below in this article, we take step-by-step methods on how to clean an air fryer.


In the below article, we take a look at materials required for cleaning the air fryer, then the steps on how to clean in and out of the Air fryer, after which we take a look on how to clean the Air Fryer basket and pan materials. Then we talk about reinstalling the parts back to where they should be and then we also talk about precautions to be taken while cleaning Air fryer. In the end, we will take some commonly asked questions and give answers for them and with some quick video guides that let you know instructions of cleaning Air fryer.

philips air fryer

Before anything, you should understand that there are these five major parts an Air fryer is made up of. These materials are:

  • Body or shell itself
  • Air Fryer Pan
  • Air Fryer basket
  • Air Fryer mesh
  • Air Fryer exhaust vents
  • Micro-Fiber cloth:
    Depending upon how long it has been that you have cleaned your Air fryer, the choice of material from varieties of Micro fiber cloth can be selected. There are many micro-fiber clothes available in different packages. It is advised to use microfiber cloth because while cleaning the various parts of Air fryer like mesh, pan, and basket, there shouldn’t be any smudges or scratches formed on the surface of these materials. Anything between medium to thin thickness will be enough to wipe off the dirt from the various elements of Air fryer.
    Micro Fiber cloth
  • Non-abrasive scrubber sponges:
    The name might confuse you a bit, but yes there are non-abrasive scrubber sponges available in the nearest store which has scrubber on one side and sponge on another side of them. The scrubber side is actually to remove if you have more of grease or oil stuck to the pan and is not easily removed off. Sponge side is what recommended for cleaning the various parts of the Air Fryer. These sponges combined with some droplets of liquid cleaner can shine up all areas of Air fryer.
    Non-abrasive scrubber sponges
  • Cleaning Liquid:
    Again, the cleaning liquid is the one which actually converts that solid grease or food wastage was softer and removes them from the Air dryer parts quickly. This liquid mostly consists of vinegar that helps to fight against those tough materials soldered up on the Air fryer parts.
    Cleaning Liquid
  • Pan brush:
    While selecting the pan brush to clean your Air fryer, there are two things you should keep in mind. One is that the bristles of the brush should not be that hard that it may create scratches over the surface of the Air Fryer. Secondly is the length of the brush. It should pass through every corner through the inner portion of the Air fryer quickly. This will help you unconventionally which will be described later in the article.
    Pan brush
  • Paper clothes:
    These are again essential to clean or dry the parts of Air Fryer. Paper clothes or tissue papers with no mild abrasiveness can be used to clean the inner surfaces of Air fryer. You don’t have to individually purchase the paper towels if you are already spending a lot on buying wet non-abrasive clothes.
  • Baking Powder:
    This is an optional choice. If you think, there is a lot of smudgy parts inside the Air fryer and needs deep cleaning and soaking then you need to have baking powder side by you such that this can work efficiently and remove all those from those parts of Air fryer completely.
    Baking Powder

Cleaning In and Outside of the Air Fryer:

So let’s start right with the cleaning of the Air Fryer. To start with, we will clean off the inside and outside of the Air Fryer first since they are quite easier to clean compared to the basket and pan of the Air Fryer depending on duration after which you are cleaning the Air Fryer. Below are the pretty simple steps to clean inside and outside of the Air fryer.

  • Unplug the Air fryer power supply.
  • Remove the basket and pan parts of the Air Fryer gently with care.
  • Once you remove the basket and pan from the Air Fryer, you might observe that there could be dirt or residue or grease of food accumulated. Nothing to worry, since this is quite common and can be easily removed.
  • Now turn the Air fryer upside down.
    airfryer inside cleaning
  • With the help of cleaner you have purchased or by making a Baking powder solution (3 gms. of baking powder to 100ml of water), spray gently over the inner areas of the Air fryer.
  • Let the solution penetrate through the residue for 1 to 2 minutes
    airfryer cleaning inside with brush
  • Turn the Air Fryer upside down again, thereby bringing it to normal position.
  • Wait for 30 minutes meanwhile you can take a sip of coffee or complete any other pending works.
  • After 30 minutes, repeat the steps 4 to 8 again.
  • Now put the pan and basket back into the Air Fryer at their respective positions.
  • Fill the pan with about 400ml of water so that in the next few steps it can collect the residues or dirt from inside and also provide moisture.
  • Connect the Air Fryer to the power source.
  • Now operate the Air Fryer at 200 degree celsius for around 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, you can remove the pan and basket from the Air Fryer and turn OFF the power supply, thereby letting the Air Fryer to cool down.
  • Again turn the Air Fryer upside down, once it is in lukewarm condition.
  • You can remove the residue or dirt at the bottom of the Air Fryer with the help of wet clothes or paper towels as we suggested earlier. Then you can throw the water from the basket or pan collected.
    dry airfryer heating element with paper towels
  • Finally, when everything is done, you can unplug the Air Fryer from the power supply and with the help of micro-fiber clothes you can clean the outer surface.
    air fryer outside cleaning
  • You can also use the cleaning solution or baking solution and spray it across the surface if you feel it looks ugly or has scratches. However, don’t forget to wipe off the dirt again with a cloth.

Cleaning the Air Fryer Basket and Pan:

Now we come to most important or in some instances the most tedious task of all. The Air Fryer's most crucial parts are its basket and pan where you place all your delicious food items like Chicken or French fries or any other such stuff to cook. Since these parts are the one who is mostly getting exposed to the food items and the heat radiations from Air Fryer, it makes sense that these things will get dirty over time and proper cleaning and maintenance of these materials from time to time is quite essential.

You can clean the Air Fryer basket and pan first and then clean the inside and outside of the Air Fryer or vice versa whichever you are comfortable cleaning first.

  • The first step is to take out both basket and pan out from the Air fryer
  • Then fill the Air fryer pan with hot water once to which you can also add the cleaning solution or the baking solution prepared based on its dirt or grease to it.
    Fill the Airfryer pan with hot water
  • After filling the pan with water, let the basket soak in the pan for at least 10 minutes. This will help the materials attached to basket get dissolved at the bottom of the pan.
    Let the pan with the basket inside soak
  • After few minutes, take the brush or non-abrasive sponge and clean all the sides of the basket.
    Clean airfryer basket walls with a non-abrasive sponge or brush
  • Turn the basket upside down and wipe the bottom part of it gently with non-abrasive brush or sponge
    clean airfryer basket bottom with brush
  • After that keep aside the basket and clean all the sides of a pan with a non-abrasive brush.
    Clean airfryer pan with a non-abrasive sponge
  • Finally, rub the surfaces of both pan and basket with paper towels or moist cloth. You can also keep all the parts in a cold and dry place for them to get dried completely.
    rub airfryer surfaces of both pan and basket with paper towels

Video Guide on Cleaning Philips Airfryer

Reinstall all the Parts and Check the Air Fryer Functioning:

After cleaning all the parts of Air fryer, next comes the reinstallation of parts and checking the air fryer functioning in order to be sure that it is working properly as it was before.

airfryer pan cleaning

Once all the parts are dry, check for any of the remaining residues or the water left out on them and if not then place all the parts in their respective positions. Also, make sure the electric cord connecting the air fryer to the power supply is clean and is not damaged.

air fryer placing again

Then place the Air Fryer to its original position which is upright on a level surface before you could start cooking. There are vents available which are supposed to take away the heat from the Air Fryer, hence maintain a safe distance from the wall. Make sure the vents are facing towards an open area such that the heat can escape out quickly.

airfryer reinstall parts

Finally, before starting preparing your food in the air fryer after reinstalling all the parts, make sure that all the components are in good working condition and if at all they are damaged contact the manufacturer immediately and get them replaced.

airfryer poweron

Signs for Next Maintenance:

The next maintenance or cleaning of the air fryer should be done immediately when you think it is looking filthy or it’s been too long that you have used the air fryer. However, below are some serious considerations where in you should jump in right away to clean the parts of Air Fryer.

1. When you smell bad odor:

Air fryers are the newest form of technologies in the field of cooking food. One might think that deep fryers are better than air fryers as they are high on maintenance, but apparently, that is not the case. If proper cleaning is done at an appropriate time, air fryers could be your best partners while cooking food.

If you are using an air fryer after a long time and suddenly you realize that a bad odor or foul smell is coming out of the Air fryer as soon as you take out the parts, then that’s your immediate first sign to clean the air fryer.

2. White fumes coming out of the air smoke:

Certainly, there are chances that you notice white smoke coming out from the vents of the air fryer as soon as you turn it on. This could be because of the following reasons.

  • You would have prepared fatty meals or fatty sausage meals and left the air fryer just like that.
  • You might have used excessive of oil for cooking a dish which is not intended. Hence make sure you read the owner’s manual and use the appropriate amount of oil for preparing individual dishes.
  • Mostly, the low-fat materials are easy to cook through air fryer and eventually are easy to become crispier. Hence while purchasing the raw materials or snacks make sure you check out the fat percentage in them.
  • If at all you cannot resist purchasing foods which are high in fat since you are dying to prepare that delicious dish, no worries! However, make sure you clean the pan and basket immediately after use by the techniques mentioned above.

By following these simple steps, you can avoid cost on maintenance and also increase the durability of air fryer.

3. Bubbles or Peeling Inside the Air Fryer:

There could be chances that before getting to know that abrasive materials shouldn't be used for cleaning purpose, you might have used to the basket or pan parts of air fryer. So now that you have used them, you might notice bubbling or peeling of the layer from the basket part of the air fryer.

Since there is the non-sticky coating over the basket, hence there is nothing to worry about the food you intake. However, the best recommendation would be to contact the manufacturer to the earliest and get the issue resolved.

4. Difficulty in sliding the pan:

Again, this may sound redundant, but there are chances that if you haven’t cleaned the air fryer in a long while and you are cooking through Air Fryer back to back, then the accumulation of food or oil over the inside area of the air fryer might occur.

Simple solution for this is to before you start cooking for your next meal, clean the air fryer correctly as mentioned above and then go ahead and cook your delicious dishes. Cleaning in this way will help lessen your burden further.

Precautions to be Taken While Cleaning Air Fryer:

Cleaning anything is not an easy task, and when you are cleaning an air fryer on which you have invested quite a bit, you don’t want to take any risks or chances while cleaning it. Hence below are some simple precautions taken while or after cleaning air fryer.

  • When you are cleaning the parts of Air fryer, remember to handle the parts with gentle care. Don’t rush into things thereby you ending to damage any of the parts.
  • Use the baking solution, when there is a lot of dirt residing inside the air fryer or even on the basket and pan areas.
  • Before and after cleaning the parts, make sure you check the cords, all the parts of the air fryer aren't damaged in any which ways.
  • Never use the steel wire brush or scrubber to clean the parts of the air fryer.
  • Read the instruction manual or owner’s manual properly before preparing food.
  • Don’t use excessive oil for cooking food and try to cook the optimum quantity of food at once in an air fryer.
  • Make sure you clean the air fryer after every use so that you don’t have to spend much effort when it becomes foul.
  • Never immerse the components which comes in contact (Eg: Dashboard) to power supply in water. Use a moist cloth to clean them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

1. Which parts of the Air fryer are dishwasher proof?

A: Based on the air fryer, the parts which are dishwasher proof may vary. Mostly, the pan and basket can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, nothing is as effective as cleaning with our own hands.

2. How would I reduce food smell that stays behind in the air fryer?

A: The most efficient way would be to use a baking solution and adding drops of lemon juice to it which can neutralize the odor. Make sure you clean the air fryer after every use. However, you can also get some cleaning solutions of lime flavor which can reduce the food smell drastically.

3. Why steel wire brushes or scrubs cannot be used to clean the parts?

A: The steel wire brushes or scrubs are abrasive materials, and by using them, you are exposing your air fryer parts to scratches.

4. My Air fryer is not started after cleaning it. What should I do?

A: This may sound silly, but before you can yell out at someone, please check whether the air fryer is connected to a power source and switch is turned ON. Even if the connections are correct, and the air fryer doesn’t start, check the user’s manual to find out a solution unique to your air fryer. Even after that, your air fryer didn’t start, contact the manufacturer immediately.

5. How often should I clean my air fryer?

A: There are no such distinct cycles in which you should clean your air fryer. Cleaning an air fryer immediately after every use is always recommended. However, if you miss out then make sure you clean it before the day when you are going to use it again.


For cooking some low-fat delicious food items, air fryers are very good to use. Air fryer, when compared with deep fryers, are most commonly used electrical equipment if you don’t want to spend much of your time in cooking those tasty dishes or cleaning the rust prone deep fryers. Now if you have looked at advantages of buying an air fryer and you are wondering How to clean an air fryer? Then wonder not, it is a quite an easy process.

Air fryers require some maintenance similar to any other electrical equipment. Since the air fryers take in the lesser amount of oil compared to deep fryers cleaning air fryer is not a cumbersome process. Make sure that you have the right materials on hand before starting the actual process.

Gently dealing with the parts and using real solutions to work against the dirty or unclean parts of air fryer is what it requires. Necessary preventive measures like checking the functioning of electrical cords, giving enough space to the air vents such that heat can escape, using non-abrasive materials and not immerse any electrical components in water can complete your mission of cleaning an air fryer successfully.

Thanks for reading! Shoot out any of your questions related to this article in the comment section below.


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Martha - 29/12/2017

It looks as though the top should come off to get the accumulation of crumbs that have gathered does it come off or do I need to just do my best to clean under the lip?

    Amanda - 30/12/2017

    Unsure about what air fryer you’re using. I will reply it as an universal air fryer setup. Generally, the top part doesn’t come off and it is advised to clean the surroundings of the pan and cooking chamber to be as clean as possible. Simply, a water jet (high pressure) through the vessels might help to remove the gathered crumbs at any parts of the pan or body or even the mesh. Please be sure that you have safely unplug the air fryer before starting any cleaning process.

Cheryl Addison - 18/02/2018

I’m not sure what your company is referring to when cleaning the basket and the pot but it’s not as easy as the company claims even after 2 or 3 Times of use it’s a nightmare the wire basket being the worst it’s like burnt on grease in an oven and a new basket cost way to much very disappointed in this product

Donna R Hartley Tarvin - 04/06/2018

My air fryer is smoking up my whole house and I don’t know what to do to stop it, I clean it after every use and I have turned up side down and clean but my fan blades look dirty so how can I clean them

tboots - 13/11/2018

“Paper clothes?” Seriously? Paper CLOTHES? Do I wear the paper CLOTHES before using them to clean my air fryer?

Ken Borgman - 20/11/2018

I have a 10 quart and I cooked a whole chicken the basket come out bit the dripping stay in the oven it waighs 20 # and has no pan to catch the juice ,is this a bad design to deal with it has no name. I bought it on eBay. It works great but it’s combersome .help me

Layne Seed - 24/11/2018

My Philips XL has had a horrible wobble sound as it accelerates and decelerates as if something is terribly out of balance. The manufacturer says it just needs to be cleaned but I’ve tried the deep cleaning twice and it has not helped. Any suggestion?


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