How does an Air Fryer Work?

As the people are getting more used to the internet as well as the social media, there is high consciousness regarding their health and fitness. They are exploring more ways to get healthy and nutritious food items. That is why so many diverse companies have started manufacturing kitchen products like air fryers these days.

An air fryer is an excellent appliance without any adverse effects of deep-frying. It means you can enjoy your favorite dried foods without hampering your health.

In an air fryer, you do not have to add any oil which you usually do while frying food in a pan. This amazing appliance is getting so much popular these days.


Thus, if you are also one of the people who is escaping fried food dishes like onion rings, fries, tempura, etc., then this is the right time to give farewell to your self-control. With an air fryer, you can relish all kind of fried foods without getting tense about your obesity and cholesterol.

Now you are aware of that what an air fryer is, but we surely know that the next question which will come in your mind is that how does an air fryer work? Don't worry! We will answer your question clearly.

In the below article, we will discuss the workings and essentials parts of an air fryer. It will give you a precise knowledge about the functioning of air fryer works which is quite different from the conventional fryers.

So, let’s begin our journey!

how air fryer works

Why use an Air Fryer?

Whenever a new kitchen appliance comes in the market, the very first question in our mind comes that why should you use that product. Thus, you must also be thinking that why should you use an air fryer?

Well! An air fryer is one of the best appliances which cook your favorite fried foods without the extra calories. You just have to brush your food with very less oil so that it does not get stuck to the pan surface. However, in some more expensive air fryers, you do not have to do any brushing also.

When you use an air fryer for cooking fried food, around 70% less oil is used as compared to the traditional gas fryer. Merely one tablespoon of oil is required for brushing the food before keeping that inside the air fryer. It means the use of this appliance is a much healthier option than the deep frying.

One more important reason that you should use an air fryer is that this machine utilizes very less energy as compare to the conventional oven or deep fryer. A subtle amount of heat is generated inside the air fryer which moved freely all over the smaller space.

Do you need one more reason for using an air fryer?

What about the fragrance! When you cook food in an air fryer, it creates no similar prolonged smell which usually a conventional oven does.

In fact, an air fryer also comes along with filters which certify that the air released through the fryer is always clean.

Different Elements in an Air Fryer

Before discussing the working of an air fryer, we want you to understand the various components of an air fryer!

  • Temperature
    An air fryer is a cooking appliance which cooks food with the help of the high flow of superheated air. When you switch ON the air fryer, the temperature of the inside air goes up to 400 Degrees F which flows around your food. That means you can cook crispier chips within an air fryer with 80 % less fat quite quickly.
  • Cooking Chamber
    The design of the air fryer is not so complex which people usually contemplates. A heating element is located just over the cooking chamber the food is placed. The cooking chamber just looks similar to a big size bowl having a lot of tiny holes in the bottom side. These holes help in getting the hot air from below. The container or the chamber can be entirely removed or place back inside. All around the chamber, a double wall also was given.
  • Heater and Fan
    The third essential element is the heater as well as the electric fan which emit the heat inside the cooking compartment or chamber. After this, the air flows around and enters below the food. On the other hand, you will also find an air guide bottom of the air fryer which appears similar to the star of sorts. The fan located over the heater element.
  • Exhaust System
    There is an exhaust system also provided along with the air filters which is used to reduce the pressure in the appliance. It also decreases the smells which arise from the food cooking in the Air Fryer.
  • Food Separator
    For keeping your different types of food apart, a food separator also is given. It means you can cook two different categories of food at one point in time.
  • Timer and Adjustable Temperature
    Nowadays, a maximum number of air fryers originates with a timer as well as the adjustable thermostat feature so that you can know when your dish is cooked and ready to serve. Such type of elements makes this appliance more useful for the people who have the high hectic schedule for the day.

Working Science of an Air Fryer

There are mainly three systems on which an air fryer works which discussed below:

​1. Rapid Air Technology

The first critical system in the working of an air fryer is the Rapid Air Technology. With this technology, your food gets cooked with double speed as compare to the regular ovens or frying pans.

Actually, through this system, the heat is spread out from the cooking chamber that is situated quite close towards your food. It makes your food cooked fast with full effectiveness. Similarly, an exhaust fan is also present which generates rapid hot air which moves inside the chamber of the fryer. Without the loss of much energy, your food gets cooked from all sides.

For example, you can cook crispy chips in around 15 minutes in an air fryer whereas the traditional ovens need at least half an hour for making chips crispier. The heat inside the appliance does not dry your food at all. The heat that originates from the topmost and the bottom-most section makes your food cook rapidly at the right temperature.

​2. Exhaust System

The next important part is the exhaust system which plays a significant role in the working of the air fryer. As soon as your food is cooked, you can recognize that with the help of the smell of the food. The exhaust system of the air fryer filters out the extra air before making it release. It is the reason that you will never smell any odors inside the kitchen or your room.

As soon as there is enough hot air inside the air fryer, the exhaust system starts working instantly. It finishes the steam and smoke inside the fryer before releasing into the outside air.

3. Cooling System

A cooling fan over the motor of the air fryer given for controlling the inner temperature. The filters of the fryer allow the air to pass through them so that the internal parts of the appliance can remain cool. It results in the proper overall cooling of the machine. As a result, the hot food can be served just after the process of stir-frying is finished.​

What will be taste and the texture of the food cooked in an air fryer?

We know that most of you must have doubt that how will be the taste of your food after cooking in an air fryer.

Well! With the utilization of high-speed heat circulation and grilling, fried food is cooked basically. The rapid air technology of the appliance makes sure that your food remains crunchy from the outside while remaining tender and juicy from the inner side.

The texture of the food cooked in the fryer always comes out outstandingly. With the less amount of calories content, your food also becomes very healthy. It looks just similar to the food which you fried in a deep oil pan. The flavor might be different from the greasy food, but it tastes quite better than the deep fried, oily food for sure.

Some more significant info about the Air Fryer

An air fryer also has a detachable tray which you usually found in a cooker. The benefits and the uses of the air fryer make it similar to the other essential appliances in your kitchen without any doubt.

The rapid air technology of the air fryer results in the faster cooking of your food. Although, the traditional fryers like deep oil pan and the oven need a lot of time for the deep-frying of your fried snacks. Some of the manufacturers of the modern air fryers also claim that cake in their appliance is cooked much faster than in the microwave oven.

You must be wondering that what happens to the hot air which gets stuck inside the air fryer while cooking your food.

Well! There is no need to worry about this in an air fryer. The air inside the fryer gets free into the atmosphere (after the filtration) without any dangerous effects. It means that an air fryer is quite a user-friendly appliance than a deep frying pan. In a deep pan, lots of oil is used and wasted in the entire process of frying whereas, in the air fryer, only air utilized.

The cooling system of the air fryer also takes good care of the heated air by ensuring that the air remains clean inside the appliance. It is one of the most vital parts of the fryer which makes the parts of the machine cooler.

Does the hot air coming out from the air fryer is dangerous?

The answer to the above question is simply NO. The hot air coming out of the air fryer will not damage you or your home due to the excellent cooling system that gets started as soon as the process of heating begins. The exhaust system of the air fryer also controls the temperature as well as the inner pressure of the appliance.

Thus, you can say that it is one of the safest and secure kitchen appliances that you can use without any worry. With the invention of this amazing gadget, people can enjoy lots of fried food in a healthy manner.

Does it take longer to air fry over oil fry?

Well! How much time will the fryer takes will depend on the type of food you wants to cook. Some foods take little longer time than the oil fryer. However, on the other hand, you do not need to preheat the oil in an air fryer which takes around 5 to 10 minutes in an oil fryer. In fact, in the oil fryer, the oil needs to be cool down before getting it dispose of. So, we hope now that you know which is the better option for you.

How many units of electricity does an air fryer consume during the process of frying?

The units of electricity consumed by an air fryer frequently depend on the wattage power of the appliance. For example, if an air fryer has the power capacity of 1500 watts, then it means that the fryer will take around 30 minutes for cooking food. For the period of these thirty minutes, the heater of the air fryer is not in the 'ON' mode during the entire time.

The temperature control of the appliance switches off the heater coil when the desired cooking temperature reached. The air fryer’s heater uses more than the 90% of the power as compare to the other parts of the machine like blower which consumes less than 10% power. Hence, we can say that during the entire process of air frying, only for 2/3rd of the time the power of the heater used and for the 1/3rd period, the heating coil's energy consumption is 'OFF.'

The cooking time of 30 minutes in an air fryer is only gotten on rare occasions when your food is hard to cook. Typically, it takes around fifteen minutes to cook food in the fryer. Therefore, the maximum amount of electricity which is used by an air fryer is not more than ½ a unit of power in a single day.

If you are living in a big family and want to use two fryers simultaneously, then the maximum units of power which both appliances use will not be more than one unit in a single day. We are saying this one the basis of the 1500 watt air fryer, but most of the fryers come with the power less than 1500 watts. It means such appliances will use less than ½ a unit of electricity.

So, if you bother a lot about your electricity bills, an air fryer will never increase your burden. It is a cost effective product which will always remain reasonable throughout their lifecycle.


In the end, we can say that an air fryer is an apparently quite simple but little-convoluted appliance which involves some different processes of cooking food. The methods might look technical to you, but as compare to the other kitchen appliances like microwave, this appliance has the slightly less different process of working.

The benefits of an air fryer are endless, so if you are looking to buy this fantastic machine, then you should not wait for more time. With this machine at your home, you do not have to concern regarding the consumption of unhealthy food at all. This innovative appliance let you increase your general fitness by cutting out all the unnecessary fried food items.

When you fry your food in the oil free air fryer, it not only provides you an extraordinary experience but you will also make the other members of your family walk on a healthy path.

Some people have a misconception in their mind that food cooked in an air fryer does not taste similar to the food fried in an oil pan. But that's not true. After getting familiar with the working process of an air fryer in the above article, now you know that the food cooked in this appliance is same crispier and tasty which you earlier used to have in the oil packed food.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this fantastic magical appliance for your home if your guests are just going to arrive.

Eat healthy and make other eat healthy too!


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