Gourmia GTA1500 and Gourmia GTA 2500 Air Fryer Review

The food preferences today are leaning in favor of healthy eating but without compromising on the flavors of the sinfully delicious fatty meals. You can now indulge in your favorites as pizza, grilled fish, grilled steak, steamed vegetables, stir-fried vegetables, rice, baked focaccia, French fries, rolls, roast rib eye, rotisserie roast chicken, fish kabobs, beef kabobs, rotisserie sausage and more without feeling the guilt of added fat and calories.

The revolutionary Gourmia GTA2500 and GTA1500 enable you to cook food in many ways without adding extra oil. The Gourmia Air Fryer is the perfect solution to this revolutionary idea of eating fatless food but retaining the taste of the calorific food.

Gourmia GTA1500
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The compact portable Gourmia-GTA1500 and Gourmia GTA2500 are revolutionary products which offer versatile options to cater to all your cooking needs and desires. They are a multipurpose cooking device that come pact with cooking functions of various other cooking gadgets as a steamer, grill, convection oven, air sauté and rotisserie.

What’s more! Gourmia-GTA1500 and Gourmia GTA2500 cook food in 60% lesser time than the conventional cooking devices. The food is cooked to perfection with help of circulating hot air. The Air Fried turnout of the cooked meal is comparable to the deep-fried version in both taste and texture. You get the same awesome crispiness in the exterior and moisture on the inside that is both, satisfying to the pallet and the health requirement.

Enjoy the Fruits of Inventive Design Technique The Gourmia GTA1500 and Gourmia GTA2500 Air Fryers are designed to cook food with help of circulating hot air at extremely high temperatures. The hot air is capable of reaching all places with the same impact so the food is cooked evenly. In case of fried foods alike, the food is cooked without oil in the Air Fryer and yet it gives the perfect flavor of fried version. The exteriors come out crisp and the interiors come out deliciously and adequately moist.

Take Your PORTABLE COMPACT Gourmia Anywhere The Gourmia GTA1500 and the Gourmia GTA2500 are handy portables and compact powerful ovens that are being essentially used in space-restrictive places as dorms, studios, vacation homes, and also find a place in baggage during trips. The Gourmia-GTA1500 measures 16.5 x 13 x 12 inches and weighs only 16.9 pounds in shipping.  The Gourmia GTA2500 with all its revolutionary accessories weigh only 19.9 pounds. Yet both the gadgets are equipped to accommodate an average sized roast or chicken.

Easy To Operate The Gourmia-GTA1500 and Gourmia GTA2500 come with setting–pads which are easy to operate as the functionalities are easy to understand and use. You can without much effort and thought program your desired time and temperatures as per the cooking requirement at hand. Even beginners feel comfortable using Gourmia GTA2500 and GTA1500.The Control Panel of Gourmia GTA1500 comes with a digital On and Off button. The icon button of menu tab allows 8 cooking styles.Turbo (450°F for 15 mins)Fry (450°F for 25 mins)Roast (390°F for 25 mins)Grill (375°F for 15 mins)Stir Fry (390°F for 15 mins)Bake (360°F for 15 mins)Roll, BBQ (390°F for 15 mins)The presets are an aid and fast choice making presets but not a handicap from allowing you to make your own preferred choices. Besides the presets, you can choose the roll button to set any desired temperature and time duration.

Easy Maintenance With the Gourmia GTA1500 and the Gourmia GTA2500, you don’t need to worry about spending laborious hours to clean the machines. Both Gourmia models are hassle-free and come with a convenient and easy to remove non-stick interior liner. The liners are easy to take out and insert back in and equally easy to clean.

Kitchen in a Box Gourmia GTA1500 is a versatile Air Fryer that alters the food into a low-calorie appetizing delight. It comes with multifold functions as grill, convection oven, steamer, and rotisserie and air sauté. And that’s not all it cooks the food about 60% faster than conventional cooking methods.Gourmia GTA2500 Fast Action Air Fryer with its 11 piece attachments frees you from all limitations!

The GTA2500 comes with similar functionality and yet is even a more sophisticated machine with elaborate functionality. It is literally a kitchen in a box. The XP-Series Expanded comes equipped with 11-Piece Accessory Pack and Fry Free 360° and with its auto-rotating rotisserie basket you can use the machine as an air sauté rotisserie and stir fryer, steamer, grill, broiler and kabob maker.

The GTA2500 works as a traditional oven and is the perfect solution for all your baking requirements.So go ahead and indulge in your favorite fried foods like fried chicken, French fries, egg rolls and more without any additional fat calories.

Accessorized to Cook!!! The Gourmia GTA2500 comes equipped with 11 accessories which allow you to cook just about everything. The accessories include Rotating Classic Rotisserie, Rotisserie Basket, Tongs, Kabob Rack, Bake & Steam Pans, Hi & Low Broil and Steamer Racks, Fry Basket, Steel Mesh Filter, Fryer Holder, and Closing Fry Basket.With Gourmia 2500, the sky is the possibility.

The accessories allow you to use the gadget for all its multi-functional possibilities. You can roast your chicken in the Rotating Classic Rotisserie, Broil your chicken, fish or veggies in the Hi & Low Broil and Steamer Racks, or do the fries in the Fry Basket. Enjoy cooking results that are faster, healthier more delicious than you ever imagined!

The Pros of Gourmia GTA1500 

  • The Air Fryer comes with 8 convenient cooking presets and also allows you to make your own temperature and time settings.
  • Easy to use
  • A simple to clean gadget
  • The accessories expand the cooking options
  • The see-through enables to keep a check on food cooking progress

The Cons of Gourmia GTA1500 

  • It does not come with a cookbook to help with the presets for everyday and popular foods. To utilize the gadget, a cookbook is necessary; otherwise, it is a trial and error method.
  • The bread-crumbed chicken will ensure going-off of the smoke alarm. Use the steak rotating basket.
  • To learn the full potential of the accessories a guidebook cum cookbook is required. The current manual is not sufficient.
  • The hollow of the machine takes up a lot of space. The cooking area could be made even bigger.
  • The menu buttons are not placed the conventional way. To increase the temperature, the + is placed on the left and the – to decrease on the right as opposed to the other way round.

FAQs of Gourmia GTA1500

Question: Can I make rolls in Gourmia GTA1500? And if yes, how much time will it take and what should my settings be for time and temperature?

Answer: Yes you can make the rolls in GTA1500. It takes 1/3rd the time as the oven. You don’t need to waste time in preheating the gadget as you do with the conventional oven. Just put them in and within 5 minutes they will be done at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Question: Can I defrost my food and cook it?

Answer: Yes you can defrost your nuggets and pizzas or whatever you want to and cook them to in your Gourmia GTA1500.

Question: Where can I get recipes for my Air Fryer?

Answer: Go on the Youtube and check out recipes for Air Fryers.

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The Pros of Gourmia GTA2500

  • Broil, bake, fry steam and that too in 1/3rd the time
  • The outsides come out crisp and the insides of the roast are tender
  • You can even make popcorn in the Rotating Basket
  • The GTA2500 is easy to use
  • The digital menu is easy to operate
  • Even at 450 degrees temperature, the outside is barely warm.
  • The piece accessories are a treat. It is a kitchen in a box. You can do it all with the GTA2500.

The Cons of Gourmia GTA2500 

  • The extra bread-crumbs used on a chicken or fish may turn on the smoke alarm
  • One is fumbling with the correct duration and time settings in the beginning
  • No cookbook or detailed manual to help you to use the gadget to its fullest potential
  • No way to register the product for Warranty

FAQs of Gourmia GTA2500

Question: Can I bake a cake and muffins in the Gourmia GTA2500?

Answer: Yes you can bake perfect cakes and muffins.

Question: How should I cook the whole chicken breasts and make a juicy steak? Which accessories should I use?

Answer: Use the double rack for your juice chicken

Question: Can I rotisserie a whole chicken?Answer: Yes you can. But please make sure that the size is not too big, else it would jam the heating fan and it may not rotate on the spit.

The Gourmia GTA2500 is a kitchen in a box that allows you to cook everything to perfection and that too with no extra oil. But since a cookbook is not provided you got to play with the timing and temperature till you get it right. But nevertheless, the GTA2500 enables you to bake, broil, steam, fry and that too with no extra oil. And you can get started immediately there is no waiting time on preheating the gadget as in case of an oven.

You have to get to know the gadget before you jump into using it.

Now you can enjoy the best of both the worlds… Enjoy the flavors of the deep fried and calorific benefits of oil-free Air Frying.

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The Gourmia GTA1500 and GTA2500 are revolutionary in helping you cook without oil. They enable you to cook delicious healthy meals without any additional fat calories. The GTA5 with its accessories is a kitchen in a box and equips you to bake, broil, steam, sauté and fry your food.

The French fries taste like French fries without the additional fat used in deep frying. It is true that initially, you may have to struggle with the time and temperature settings as the company have provided no cookbook or detailed manual to help you use the accessories to their fullest potential. But you are not exactly working in the dark as the GTA1500 GTA2500 have see-through lids for you to keep an eye on your food.

But nevertheless it is a great product and you can do it all with it. So enjoy your cakes, pizzas, roasts, juicy steaks, mozzarella sticks, nuggets, bread rolls, grilled fish, rice, baked focaccia, rice, French fries, roast rib eye, rotisserie roast chicken, kabobs, rotisserie sausage… without an ounce of extra fat calories. It is a great product for those watching health issues or those who are healthful.


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Debi - 19/11/2017

Steaks are great cooked on Turbo, hot dogs cooked nicely on grill. Did diced potatoes for home fries in tumble basket really good. My question is, should light go on & off during cooking? I did not purchase warranty when I bought this from Fingerhut. Seems to cook ok, but it says viewing window and when light goes out you can’t view. Also I agree very few recipes and cooking ideas included. I am just winging it and trying to learn how to cook things. So far so good!!!


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