Gourmia GAF400 Electric Multipurpose Classic Rapid Air Fryer Review

Gourmia air fryer is a kitchen appliance that will help you cherish some awesome recipes without the fear of weight gain. The traditional French fries are tasty, but are oily and calorie oriented. The French fries made from the Gourmia GAF400 shall be yummy and oil free at the same time.

Potato wedges, chicken recipes, burgers, pork items, grilled sandwiches, chickpea snacks and many more mouth-watering dishes can be prepared using a Gourmia rapid air fryer.

Gourmia GAF400 Electric Multipurpose Classic Rapid Air Fryer
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The GAF400 is an electric air fryer and is manufactured by Gourmia. Gourmia is a leading brand and provides innovative products at pocket-friendly prices. The air fryer can perform multiple activities like roasting, grilling, broil baking, cooking meat, veggies, etc.

The appliance skips oil and retains the yummy taste. I am pretty sure, you would want to consider having this appliance in your household. To make your decision easier, we list features, specifications, reviews, good and bad things.


Product NameGourmia GAF400 Electric Multipurpose Classic Rapid Air Fryer
Dimensions14 x 11.2 x 12.5 (in inches)
Capacity4 Liters
Weight9.7 pounds
Model NumberGAF-400
Editor Rating4.1/5
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Gourmia GAF400 Air Fryer Key features

Every product has some key features of unique selling properties, that distinguishes it from the common products already available in the market. We discuss some beneficial features of the air fryer-

1. Multi-purpose Appliance

​With functionalities like roasting, grilling, baking, etc., you will have one appliance that can do many things. You can cook meat, French fries and a huge list of tasty recipes by using a single kitchen appliance.

2. Temperature Controls

Most air fryers skip on precise temperature control options. Some great air fryers in this price range have levels that are limited to a small temperature range. However, the Gourmia air fryer has an adjustable temperature control that allows you to precisely regulate temperature between a big range of 176 degrees to 392 degrees. It also has an adjustable dual timer. This feature increases the number of recipes you can experiment on the fryer.

3. Preset Feature

The appliance has been pre-set or adjusted in advance to poultry, meat, seafood, fries, toasts, etc., which enables pleasurable cooking experience. It’s always a pain to set up a device for some basic recipes, but Gourmia does this for you here!

4. Say No to Oil

Excessive oil is probably the root cause of obesity. Most meat items, fast foods and other recipes we love consume a lot of oil while cooking. By using the air fryer, you must strike oil from your grocery shopping list. This Gourmia air fryer doesn’t use oil and works like it is cooking on air. It is so healthy and tasty at the same time. Amazing, right?

5. Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is an important and time-consuming part of cooking. However, when it comes to maintaining the air fryer, it is simple. It has a removable pan and a basket that is detachable to enable easy and quick cleaning. Air fryer consists of dishwasher safe parts and is ETL certified too.

6. 360 degrees Heat Technology

Gourmia has introduced something called RediVection technology that works on the technology of heating food from 360 degrees. This technology not only helps in departing even, consistent heating, but also enables faster cooking saves up to 50% of the time spent on cooking with a normal conventional air fryer.

7. Timer with Standby Feature

This is another necessary feature that is often skipped by most manufacturers, especially at this price point. Gourmia GAF-400 consists of a timer of up to 60 minutes, which switches the appliance automatically to a standby mode when the set cooking time is up!

Technical Specifications of GAF400 Air Fryer

1. 360 Degrees Heating Technology

Gourmia is probably the most advance company to introduce 360-degree heating in this price range. Most air fryers have one or two sides for heating. This air fryer however, allows 360-degree heating ensuring better consistency and quicker heating.

2. Wider Heating Range

Unlike the complicated levels of heating, Gourmia GAF-400 has a specific temperature range, which is between 176 and 392 degrees. Most recipes require precise temperature in degrees and the ability to set precise temperature is just phenomenal. Also, the range of temperature is very suitable for cooking numerous recipes, which might not be a possibility in other air fryers.​

​3. Voltage

Gourmia GAF400 air fryer runs on 110V and has a wattage of 1230W. 1230W reflects the heating ability of the air fryer. The designing and technology of the air fryer helps it compete with even 1400-1500 Wattage air fryers.

4. Timer

There is a dial timer which can be fixed up to 60 minutes. The automatic timer switches to standby after lapse of the duration set via timer.​

5. Capacity

The air fryer can hold 8-10 cups of water or 4 liters to be precise.​

6. Warranty

The air fryer has a warranty of a year and the service, response of Gourmia has been appreciated by many existing customers.​

7. Removable/detachable Items

The pan is removable and the basket in the air fryer is detachable. This allows easy cooking and easy cleaning.​

8. Material

The air fryer is made of dishwasher safe material and hence, can be cleaned/maintained efficiently.

9. Type of Controls

The GAF-400 has Analog controls which are much more user-friendly compared to the touch screen controls.

10. Retail Package Content

The retail package contains a GAF400 Air fryer, a recipe book and a booklet with warranty information.​

Best Thing about Gourmia GAF400 Air Fryer:

Gourmia GAF400 air fryer has some great features. However, by listing some good and not so good features, we can help you make a wiser decision. So, let’s begin with the best things about the air fryer-

1. Compact and Portable

The air fryer as seen in the images is very compact and portable. You can easily find space for this in your kitchen. Also, you can store it somewhere else when not in use, as it is very portable by nature too.​

2. Multipurpose Appliance

This air fryer can perform multiple activities like baking, frying, grilling, roasting, etc., ensuring you make several recipes to relish. Normally, you might have to purchase at least 2-3 appliances to execute the capabilities of the GAF400 air fryer.​

3. Use No Oil

This air fryer uses no oil technology that makes a range of tasty dishes accessible to people who are suffering from cholesterol or oil related problems. The pores in frying pan drain out all the oil used, making the dishes oil free and healthy.​

4. Not a Heat Conductor

When cooking, the handles or similar parts of air fryer, do not conduct heat. Hence, it is very safe and easy to operate air fryer when cooking dishes. You need not wait for a few seconds for things to cool down before you take out the yummy dish to taste!​

5. Easy to Clean and Maintain

The dishwasher safe material which is non-sticky enables smooth cleaning and maintaining of the air fryer. Spend less time and effort for cleaning and enjoy more dishes!​

6. Smart Cooking

This air fryer uses smart dynamics that facilitate smart cooking. Being a 1230W air fryer, Gourmia GAF400 can easily compete with any air fryer that is around 1500W also. Automatic timer controls, precise temperature control option with a wide temperature range, 360 degrees cooking, etc., are some efficient results because of the technology.​

​7. Value for Money Brand

Gourmia is not a brand that is exceptionally recognized like, say, Philips. But, it offers value for money products and services. There is a 1-year warranty with the GAF400 multi-purpose air fryer. As per the reviews of existing customers, Gourmia customer service is quite responsive and attentive. People were quite happy with the kind of response they got from Gourmia!

The Not-So-Good Thing about Gourmia GAF400

​1. Lack of Accessories

There are not many accessories included in the retail package. Accessories like racks, pans, etc., could have had a larger impact in the long run. The disappointment is that such accessories are not available in the market too. We hope Gourmia launches some accessories soon to make the device more versatile.

2. Cooking Basket

The cooking basket is slightly smaller to the liking of many people. They would have preferred a slightly bigger one instead. You might have to spend a little extra time when cooking for about 4 people because of the cooking basket size.​

3. Analog Controls

 Some people would have loved touch control options instead of the normal Analog buttons. However, it’s a blessing in disguise as Analog buttons are far more user-friendly compared to the touch ones. So, this con depends on how tech pro you are!​

FAQs on Gourmia GAF400 Air Fryer

​Q. Can we cook fish, steak and shrimp tempura in the air fryer?

Yes, you can cook fish, steak and shrimp tempura in the fryer.

Q. How many servings of fries can be expected at once?

It cooks about 3-4 servings of fries at once.

Q. Can I cook without oil?

Yes, the air fryer literally works on no oil concept.

Q. Do I get a recipe book in the package?

Yes, you do get a recipe book in the retail package.

Q. Does Watt have an impact on cooking?

Yes, typically, the wattage determines the amount of time, you shall spend for cooking.

Q. Is 1230W sufficient?

In most cases, 1230W would be sufficient, if you are too intensive of a cook, you might want to consider a 1500W or above air fryer.

Q. What is the voltage of the air fryer?


Q. What is the temperature range of the air fryer?

176-393 degrees.

Q. Are the controls Analog or touch screen/digital?



When the pros exceed the cons, you know the GAF400 air fryer is a good option for your kitchen. The compact size, awesome cooking features, user-friendliness, etc., makes it a very good deal. Gourmia brand itself make it a deal winner. Use this air fryer to try out some fast food dishes every day at your home. Beat the oil curses and enjoy your favorite food with utmost joy and pleasure.

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