Disadvantages of Air Fryer?

The healthier living bandwagon has bought Zumba classes, salad shops, Detox diets, and the much-hyped air fryers. But technically anything 'fried' isn't healthy, but air fryer’s uses this amazing hot air mechanism to 'fry, grill or bake' foods which can reduce the amount of oil used to very little - or nothing at all which is the most highlighted advantage. 

However, there are many more advantages such as they make way less of a mess, it doesn’t produce the stink of fried-food, and it is way easier to use. Airfryer has more benefits than drawbacks, so are you better off in not indulging in deep frying every other cheat day? Let’s delve into its cons and find out if it’s a worthwhile buy.


Disadvantages of an Air Fryer

disadvantages of air fryer
  • Longer cooking times
    The cooking time in an air fryer is slower and takes more than double the time than in conventional frying. For instance, if conventional frying takes approximately 5-10 minutes, an air fryer takes at least 15-25 minutes, and just like any frying an air fryer also needs to be warmed up for several minutes before using it.
  • Crowding
    The technique of heaping up food in a deep fryer or oven is called crowding. Crowding is a dangerous technique for any cooking method, and it not only lowers the temperature of the oil but blocks oil or air circulation to the food.
  • Capacity
    As an air fryer is compact, the food has to be chopped into small pieces and kept in the basket, which may require more time. Hence, it can be only used to cook or reheat things like a single piece of pizza, a batch of fries, or steak.
  • High risk of burnt food
    The food in an air fryer is cooked at a temperature of 300-4000 F. Hence if you lose your focus from preparing food even for a fraction of seconds, then there are high chances of the food getting burnt. 
  • Quick to dry out
    As this method is known for cooking the healthier version of fried food, the food turns out to be dry as there is no oil used for cooking. Hence, you need to be extra cautious when preparing crisp foods.
  • Development of Acryl Amide
    When you overcook your meat in your fryer, the blackened crusts on the outside of your meat is known as acrylamide. This compound is not at all safe for health as it can potentially cause cancer. So, if you see the black crusts on your meat, make sure that you are removing them before eating.
  • Mammoth size
    The size of the air fryer matters as you will have to adapt it to your kitchen space. Some people have a vast amount of counter space, and others have a galley with many cooking gadgets. Air Fryers are quite bulky in size, and you need to assign a dedicated place for it on the countertop.
  • Little expensive
    Air fryers are taking the market by a boom, and they are trendy in such a short span due to their fantastic performance. But all this comes with a little price tag which differs based on the models and their brands.
  • Electricity
    Air fryers run on electricity, and without the electrical power or batteries, you just cannot cook anything. But no matter whether you live in a city or a district, you need to deal with frequent power cuts. 
  • Not a substitute for ovens
    Air fryers can be used for grilling, baking, roasting and have many other multi-functional uses. However, cannot be substituted for ovens as they work differently.
  • Food gets stuck
    If you do not brush a piece of meat or fish with oil on the grill, then it will become difficult for you to pry off the grill. Since some fat is added to this method, it is not entirely healthy.
  • Iffy Finishes
    Never coat an air fryer with oil or spray as it will get a sticky build up which doesn’t burn off during cooking as they are made out of non-stick material.
  • Cooking over high heat
    Cooking over high heat in an air fryer should be avoided as the temperature is terrible which would deteriorate the surface, and also can lead to the release of unhealthy, potential toxic vapors.
  • Sharp or abrasive objects
    Never use sharp objects like knives or metal spatulas to stir the food or remove it from the pan or steel wool for cleaning as this would create a scratch on the non-stick pan of the air fryer ultimately damaging it.
    Once the nonstick coating starts to peel off the air fryer, it's best to replace them if not it would create health issues.
  • Useless Accessories
    Most of the accessories needed to cook with an air fryer like a rotisserie, pans and a lot more, do not come with the machine. Hence, it would be better for the price you invest in buying an air fryer all these accessories could come.
  • Not Good for Large Groups
    Air fryers cannot cook appetizers for more than four people and hence required food to be prepared in small batches, causing people to wait, or forcing you to keep a batch warm in the oven.

Our Verdict

Ultimately, Air fryers offer healthier meals, time saver, the ability to feast on your favorite food without the guilt of adding the other obesity and much more. Its growing popularity also implies it’s soon going to be a staple in any home. These are some of the benefits that would cover up the disadvantages. So, get this popular cooking appliance as soon as possible.


I'm Amanda, the Chief Editor at AirfryerBlog.com. I love cooking with my air fryer, and I thought to share my knowledge of Airfryer with our users, so my team and I created this blog.

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we have the big boss air fryer and use it on a daily basis.However the bulb has quit ,how can we get this fixed

Sandra - 29/12/2018

How do I keep the cheese from “evaporating” ?


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