De’Longhi FH1163 MultiFry, Air Fryer and Multi Cooker Review

If you are looking for an air fryer, multi-fryer and a multi-cooker you have landed at the right place. This beautiful looking product is very efficient with work too. Potatoes, pizzas, fish/meat, risottos, pies, cakes or even sauces, this machine is remarkable at making these, effortlessly. Best part, you will be spending even lesser time with rapid cooking technology.

This product has been manufactured by De’Longhi, which is a reputed brand for kitchen electronics. The offering of low-oil fryer accompanying a multi-cooker at this price range is a killer. It can hold up to 1.5 kilos of potatoes for the peeling at once. It looks very stylish and is certainly a nice equipment to have in the kitchen utility wise too.

De’Longhi FH1163 MultiFry, Air Fryer
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​It is easy to use and is just like any other user-friendly De’Longhi product. MultiFry has an innovative concept behind it. It uses something called Surround Cooking System which basically means multi-dimensional heating dynamics that provide even or uniform heating.

You can bake, cook and broil, all using this simple yet remarkable machine. I am sure, you are excited to know more about the product hence, we list all features, technical details, reviews, FAQs, etc., at a single place to make your buying process less time-consuming.

Technical Specifications:

Similar to the key features, technical specifications are also equally important and give a brief about the technology used, dimensions and other essential features of the product. We list the technical specification as follows-

Product NameDe’Longhi FH1163
Timer:Removable LCD
Power levels:4
Surround Heating system double:Yes
Lower heating element control:Manual
Power upper heating element (W):1400
Power lower heating element (W):200
Dimensions (wxdxh) (mm):395x325x270
Dishwasher safe:Yes
Removable bowl:Yes
Voltage-Frequency (V~Hz):220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Automatic mixing process:Yes
Removable paddle:Yes
Body material:Plastic
Bowl shape:Round with handle
Bowl material:Ceramic coating
Lid:Completely transparent
Removable lid:Yes
One touch lid release:Yes
On/Off switch:Yes
Editor Rating:
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De’Longhi FH1163 MultiFry Key Features

Key features are often the basis for comparing or evaluating your purchase options. We list some strong unique selling properties of the appliance, to help you make a wiser choice.

​1. Use of no Oil or Smallest Amounts of Oil

​Did you know, all your fast food cravings could be healthier and tastier without the oil element in it. This MultiFry equipment helps you make delicious recipes by using no extra oil or very small quantum of oil, which is a healthy advantage.

​2. More to Cook and more to Eat

​With technology enhancements like Surround Cooking System, adjustable mixing paddle, etc., you can enjoy a lot of more delicious as well as healthier dishes.

​3. Best in class Cooking

You need not stir continuously when frying or roasting a host of recipes. The mixing paddle automatically and continuously mixes the food eliminating the need to stir.

​4. Cook Faster

The Surround Cooking System allows better heating, which not only gives the perfect flavor to the recipes but also reduces the amount of time required to cook a delicious dish.

5. ​Higher Capacity

The MultiFry kitchen appliance from De’Longhi has a great storage capacity. It can hold 3.3 pounds of fresh and 2.7 pounds of fresh & frozen potatoes respectively. The machine is capable of 8 French fries’ servings at a single stretch.

6. ​Transparency

It has a BPA-free lid which is transparent. This allows you to monitor what’s cooking with ease. You don’t have to remove specific parts of wait in ambiguity to know how your food is cooking.

​7. Mr. Cool

MultiFry has been designed in such way that the exterior walls do not transmit heat outside the appliance. Walls are cool to touch and do not emit any heat into the kitchen, making it an ideal choice for family/personal use.

​8. Flexibility of use

The mixing paddle, lid, and bowl are removable. This not only allows a better and a flexible cooking experience for a varied kind of recipes but also enables better cleaning and maintenance of the appliance.

​Best things about De’Longhi FH1163 Air Fryer

De’Longhi MultiFry is the best available alternative on Amazon right now. We list some best properties of the appliance or the things to be known in favor of MultiFry before making a ‘Go’ decision.

  • Heating Technology
    The Surround Cooking System is probably the best in class heating technology available in the market. The ability to control upper and lower heating elements give the flexibility of consistent and quick heating.
  • Broader Possibilities
    The MultiFry has a series of recipes with broader possibilities making you invent new dishes every other day. This is possible by the flexibility on offer by the appliance. Since the lids are removable or detachable and you can manually configure the appliance as per the recipe/needs, you are bound to discover something different and delicious to eat every second day!
  • Decent brand Recognition and Warranties
    De’Longhi is not a popular brand like Philips, where people buy its appliances trusting or imaging the brand value. However, it has evolved as a brand which offers value for money products and services. Most customers have good faith and belief for the De’Longhi brand and its warranties on offer.
  • Healthy you
    Since the cooking technology uses as low as one tablespoon of oil or no oil in most cases, you are bound to be healthier that before. Don’t be surprised if you have a lot to eat and still are not putting on weight so aggressively.
  • Multi-purpose
    In the kitchen, it is all about multi-tasking. MultiFry, as the name suggests performs multiple operations. It can fry, roast and broil effortlessly. You don’t have to think about any other device & methodologies for performing any of these 3 activities.
  • Smartly Sized
    The dimensions of the MultiFry appliance makes it very portable. It is easy to move around and carry as it is made of plastic. Kitchen has a scarcity of space and this appliance should be able to find a place easily because of its compactness.
  • Multi-level Heating
    The device hosts a 4-level heating technology. The temperature varies between 300 degrees to 370 degrees between level 1 to level 4.
  • Easy Cleaning
    Cleaning is probably the most boring or ugly part of cooking. However, cheer-up this device doesn’t make you feel the same. With removable lids and other smart dynamics, cleaning can be fun and quick.

The not-so-good things about De’Longhi FH1163

Imperfections are part of every product/service. We list some not-so-good things about the MultiFry which could be ignored or could be a deal breaker for you. Find out if the MultiFry is deal or no deal-

  • 4-Level Heating
    Most recipes have temperature mentioned in degrees and not levels. The inability to configure the appliance to a fixed temperature is a major con for the appliance. Also, the manuals do not specify the temperature for levels 1-4.
  • Features not as Advertised
    The major disappointment with respect to MultiFry is setting too many expectations. Technologies like mixing paddle, etc., are not as efficient as advertised by the company. Yes, they do the job but, they had to be a lot more efficient.
  • Delayed Customer Response/care
    De’Longhi is a known brand but it is not as reputed as Philips or any other classy brand. The customer care hence is not so responsive. The quality of customer care is quite ordinary and it might leave you frustrated.

FAQ’s on De’Longhi FH1163

Below is the list of some commonly asked questions with regards to the MultiFry to help solve all your doubts and queries about the kitchen appliance.

Q. What is the material of the bowl?

The bowl is of ceramic material which has a non-scratch coating. It is very easy to clean.

Q. Do I get an instruction manual with the appliance?

Yes, you do get an instruction manual with the MultiFry and there is an app too, that could guide you regarding the MultiFry usage and functions.

​Q. Why do paddles not turn?

Paddles turn after about 5 minutes, which can get you nuts sometimes!

​Q. Where was it manufactured?

It has been manufactured in China.

​Q. What is mixing paddle made off?

The mixing paddle has a metal arm and paddle made of plastic.

Q. Is there a need to use oil?

No, the MultiFry uses as low as 1 tablespoon of oil and in most cases, you would not have to use the oil.​

Q. Is it programmable?

No, the device isn’t programmable.​

Q. How to remove the paddle?

Lift the mixing paddle straight up from the center to remove the paddle

Q. What’s the maximum temperature of the device?

The maximum temperature is 370 degrees.

Q. What temperatures do Level 1-4 denote?

Level 1- 300 degrees, Level 2- 340 degrees, Level 3- 360 degrees and Level 4- 370 degrees.

Q. Is the coating free of PTFE and PFOE?

The description says ceramic coating. It should be free of PTFE & PFOE. In case, you are allergic to them, just confirm with the manufacturer De’Longhi to be sure!

Q. Does it stop automatically after the time set in timer is up?

Unfortunately, No, the timer is just to indicate the time and the heating/cooking process does not stop automatically.

Q. Does it include a recipe book?

Yes, the MultiFry comes with a recipe book.

Q. What is the voltage?



After all the analysis, one could conclude that De’Longhi MultiFry is a decent option especially when you are tight on your budget. The value for money property makes it a great deal despite a few not-so-good or great characteristics. Similar products are priced excessively by other brands on Amazon. Considering the features and the price point, this certainly is a great kitchen appliance for daily household chores. It not only uses some quirky technology to yield some delicious food but also uses smart designing to ensure easy cleaning & better time management.

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