DELLA 048-GM-48211 1500W Multifunction Electric Air Fryer Review

Air Fryers are the go-to products for healthy and nutritious cooking. The tag ‘healthy’ on food and appliances has often been associated with high cost. However, the DELLA 048-48211 1500W Electric Air Fryer proves that healthy doesn’t have to be expensive.

One thing is for sure, if you love fried food they’ll definitely be a part of your life. This fryer offers a healthier and guilt-free way to indulge in your favorite fried foods.

DELLA 048-GM-48211 1500W Multifunction Electric Air Fryer
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Priced just right and bundled with several revolutionary features, this Air Fryer is what you need to transform your cooking.

This air fryer allows you to enjoy your beloved fried treats, without the unnecessary calories that come with fried foods that are dunked in oil. A tablespoon of oil is all that is needed to fry up some of the most tastiest and nutritious fried meals.

The ability to adjust cooking temperature allows you to cook up the crispiest of fried foods or juicy meats. It doesn’t get any better than this and simply put, the DELLA 048-GM-48211 1500 W Electric Air Fryer is a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

DELLA 048-GM-48211 Electric Air Fryer Specifications Overview

Product Name :DELLA 048-GM-48211 Electric Air Fryer
Temp Range (°Degrees):176 – 392
Temp Control:Yes
Wattage (Watts):1500
Product Weight (lbs):13
Product Measurements (inches):14 by 16 by 14
Timer:0 to 30 minutes
Heating Meter:Yes
Cooking Setting:Eight (8)
Removable Basket:Yes
Our Rating:4.4/5
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Main Features of the DELLA 048-GM-48211 Air Fryer

The DELLA 048-GM-48211 Air Fryer was designed to revolutionize frying making it a healthier process. The fryer comes bundled with several features making it a great addition to any kitchen. Here are some of the main features of the DELLA 048-GM-48211 Air Fryer:

Dynamic Hot Air Circulation System
The DELLA air fryer uses a dynamic hot air rapid circulation system, which in turn gives fried food that marked crispy finish.

Often, to get that crispy look a lot of oil goes into the frying process. However, with the air technology this fryer uses the same crispy look can be achieved with only a tablespoon of oil.

Fast Cooking
The rapid circulation of air also enhances the speed of cooking fried food healthily. The fryer comes with a short pre-heating period enabling you to quickly whip up some of the best fried snacks and meals for your family.

The fryer is designed to cook with precision and speed with the added benefit of producing meals with less fat.

Fried Food Minimalt Fat
It is almost unbelievable to imagine drying up some chicken wings or almost everyone’s all time favorite french fries using just a tablespoon of oil or less. Guess what, that is precisely what the DELLA air fryer is designed to do.

From the’ Pan to the Table’
The fryer features a detachable basket that makes it easy to transfer your meal right from the ‘fire’ to your table. Serve out the meal in serving dishes and you are ready to go.

The plastic food basket is encased in a protective cover and it comes with a release button to avoid accidental drops.

No Burnt Fingers
The cool-touch casing of the fryer makes it easy to handle without fear of burning your fingers as would be the case with traditional pots and pans.

Easy to Use
The air fryer features an auto off, built-in timer and ready alert to make cooking with it an easy process.

Recipe Book and Manual
Take the guesswork out of it, because a recipe book and instructions manual are included to get you set up.

Full Technical Features of the DELLA 048 GM 48211 Electric Air Fryer

The DELLA Air Fryer comes equipped with nothing but the best features to ensure that users have an exemplary cooking experience. The following are the DELLA Air Fryer’s full technical specifications:

  • Powerful Hot Air Frying System
    The fryer uses a powerful circulation system, which results in rapid circulation of hot air within the fryer. The result is the crispy fried finishing that the best of fried food should have.
  • Temperature Control Adjustment
    The fryer comes with a 2-knob temperature control adjustment feature. The temperature can be controlled from 176°F to 392°F enabling you to cook a variety of fried foods from succulent juicy meals to crispy fried treats.
  • Timer
    A 30-minute in-built timer is included with an auto standby mode. Set the timer to cook up your food and once the time is up the fryer switches to standby mode automatically.
  • Auto Turn Off
    An auto turnoff feature is included to shut off the fryer after a preset time. The fryer also features an alert to let the user know when the food they are cooking is ready.
  • 8 Cooking Settings
    The fryer also features 8 cooking settings allows you to fry up diverse delectable meals. The settings include warm-up, fish, chips, cake, chicken, meat and steak. You can try cooking food items that are not in the recipe menu to see how it performs.
  • Product Dimensions
    The DELLA Air Fryer’s measurements are 14 (W) by 16 (L) by 14 (H) inches. It comes in a small size, fitting easily on countertop spaces and it is highly portable.
  • Detachable Basket
    It comes with a detachable cooking basket, which is encased in a protective cover for enhanced safety. The ability to remove the basket from the fryer makes it easy to transfer cooked food as well as clean the cooking basket after use.
  • Capacity
    The fryer’s capacity is 3.2 quarts.
  • Ready Light
    A ready light is included to let you know when the fryer is at a desired temperature to cook your desired meal.
  • Wattage and Voltage
    The fryer uses 1500 Watts. The voltage is 60hz/120V.

Pros of the DELLA 048-GM-48211 Air Fryer

You probably now have a better understanding about how the DELLA Air Fryer works and are considering getting one, question is what makes it a must-have in your kitchen?

  • No assembly Needed
    The fryer comes ready to use and no assembly is needed. To use it simply plug it in and you are ready to start cooking.
  • Greaseless Cooking
    Given that a tablespoon or less of oil is enough to cook just about anything with this fryer, the result is greaseless cooking.
  • Hassle Free Cooking
    The fryer takes care of the hard work for you and all you need to do is simply follow the recipes in the recipe book to get you started. The recipe book lets you know how long each meal will take to cook.
  • Less Oil, No Flavor Compromise
    Using less oil does not compromise the flavor of the cooked meals. A tablespoon is enough and to make the meals even more healthier, use healthy oils when cooking. To enhance the flavor of cooked food further, you can use flavor-infused cooking oils.
  • Detachable Cooking Basket
    The detachable cooking basket makes it easy to plate your cooked meals and clean it up as well. It is coated in a protective cover enhancing its durability and the release button safeguards you from dropping it.
  • Cook Variety of Meal
    The air fryer enables you to cook just about any meal from traditional french fries to cakes. 8 cooking settings are included to help you cook your desired meal.
  • Warm-Up Frozen Meals
    With the warm up mode you can easily dig into a meal within just 10 minutes. The great thing is that it doesn’t turn frozen meals soggy after warming them up like microwaves do.

Cons of the DELLA 048-GM-48211 Air Fryer

  • Doesn’t Taste Quite Fried
    The food fried using the DELLA Air Fryer doesn’t quite taste fried. This is not unique to this air fryer and not a deal breaker in any bit. The food tastes more like oven-baked food, which might take some people a little getting used to but it is in every sense delicious and flavorful.
  • Temperature Control Can Be Challenging
    It can be a bit challenging figuring out how to work the temperature control. This is something that can easily be sorted by properly reading the included instructions manual.
  • Dries Up Food
    Given that less oil is used, the end product tends to be a bit dry. However, this isn’t the case for all foods cooked and it is mostly noted in fries when very little or no oil is used. A way about this is to coat the fries in an adequate amount of oil before frying them up.
  • You’ll Need Sprayed Oil Cans
    Despite the tablespoon of oil marketing, the reality is that you’ll need a bit more oil for certain foods. As explained above, using less oil dries up food. Also, to distribute the oil well when cooking food you’ll need a sprayed oil can which isn’t a bad thing.
  • Food Might Stick in the Basket
    The food might stick in the basket and this is often the case when oil isn’t well distributed in the food before cooking.
  • Hard to Close
    It can be challenging to close it up, but this can also be attributed to a few cases of human error or very rare cases of faulty products.
  • Non-stick Surfaces affected
    After a few months of regular use the non stick surfaces of the fryer tends to start bubbling and in the extreme case peeling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a Recipe Book included?

Yes the fryer comes with a recipe book filled with diverse recipes for you try. However, you can always find more recipes online to try with the air fryer.

Q: Does the Outer Casing Get Hot?

No it doesn’t get hot, because it is a cool touch casing. You can touch the handle to easily open it up and close it when checking on the progress of cooking.

Q: How Long Does It Take to Cook Raw Meat in It?

Generally it takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes to cook meat in it. This is of cause determined by the cooking temperature as well.

Q: How Much Food Can You Cook It in at any Single Time?

The food basket can accommodate food portions enough for 2 to 3 people, depending on the particular food being cooked.

Q: Can You Grill with It?

Yes you can and the recipe book includes a grilled cheese sandwich recipe.

Q: Do You Need Other Baskets to Cook Certain Foods?

The mesh wire basket is good enough to cook just about anything. However, for items such as cakes you might want to get a special non-stick cake tin that can fit within for better results.

Q: What Is the Measurement of the Basket?

The basket is roughly 8 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall.


The DELLA 048-48211 1500W Electric Air Fryer is designed to revolutionize cooking and make popular unhealthy foods much healthier. Packaged in a compact and stylish design, this affordable air fryer is a great addition to your kitchen.

This air fryers ranks decently amongst consumers and they simply love it because it makes it easy and healthier to cook their favorite meals. It scores highly when it comes to cooking up chicken, french fries, steaks and vegetables.

Controlling the temperature is a resounding challenge amongst most buyers, but this could be simply due to specific product malfunction or buyer error.

The airfryer is as user-friendly as they come with programmable features and protective casing for enhanced safety when handling it. It is fast cooking as well, getting meals ‘from the fire to table’ in record time.

To sum it all up, if you are looking for a healthier way to cook your beloved meals you should definitely get the DELLA 048-48211 1500W Electric Air Fryer.

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