Best Air Fryer Under £100

If you are looking for a budget air fryer, you can get a wide range of air fryers under £100. Buying an air fryer in this range does not mean that you will get an air fryer with fewer features.

For many people, an air fryer with extensive cooking capacity is a waste of money as they only need to cook for one or two people. Another reason to look for an air fryer under £100 is that you might want to try out an air fryer and see if it is a suitable addition to your kitchen.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle without giving up on your favorite fried snacks, then an air fryer is a must in your kitchen. You can cook everything from french fries to chicken, steak, and vegetables in the air fryer without using any oil.

Air fryers use superheated air for cooking food, which means your food will have fewer calories compared to when you cook it in oil. You can also choose the time and temperature to make the food crispy or crunchy as you’d like. In this article, we are going to take a look at best selling models, their features, pros, and cons.

Comparison of Best Air Fryer Under £100

Serial NoProduct NameWeight (kg)Basket Capacity (Litres)Temperature Range (C)Dishwasher SafePower (W)Voltage (V)Dimensions (cm)Editor's Rating
1COSORI Air Fryer5.73.575-205Yes150022027 x 28 x 314.8
2Duronic Air Fryer6.84.580-200Yes150022033 x 23 x 314.3
3Tower T17022 Air Fryer5.024.380-200Yes150022028.7 x 35 x 32.64.4
4Tower Air Fryer32.280-200Yes100022032.4 x 25.6 x 25.34.2
5Power Air Fryer5.53.2200Yes150022033 x 33 x 384.4
6Tower Air Fryer4.74.380-200Yes150022037.4 x 32.8 x 32.44.6
7Netta Air Fryer4.83.580-200Yes135022038 x 31.8 x 31.64.5
8Salter EK2817 Compact Hot Air Fryer32200Yes100022023.5 x 23.5 x 30.54.3
9Daewoo Healthy Living Air Fryer4.63.680-200Yes140022036.8 x 36.1 x 30.74.5

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Reviews of Best Air Fryer Under £100

1) COSORI Air Fryer – Best Air Fryer Under £100 for Tight Budget

COSORI Air Fryer
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The Cosori air fryer is a well-known name in the air fryer industry. This air fryer can cook food without using any oil as it only uses superheated air to cook the food. The resulting food comes out with a crispy or crunchy texture, depending on your cooking method.

The air circulation method is a great way of cooking food as it requires little or no oil to cook most of the dishes. The air fryer is also easy to use as it comes with a one-touch screen with eleven presets for most common cooking options. You don’t need to remember the time and temperature values, you just have to press a button, and the air fryer will take care of the rest.

Using and cleaning this air fryer is an easy task as the square basket is dishwasher safe. You can wash the basket with the rest of the dishes or even wash it with hands. The large basket ensures that you have enough space to cook food for the whole family.

The square size means you can add in more food without feeling the lack of space. If you are looking for an air fryer that performs all the cooking functions you need, then definitely take a look at this unit.


  1. Square basket has more space
  2. Comes with remind-to-shake alarm
  3. Includes eleven presets for cooking food
  4. High-performance unit that cooks quickly
  5. Easy-to-use, one-touch panel


  1. The inside of the air fryer is prone to rust
  2. Error E1 is common
  3. The instructions for use are not adequate
  4. The air fryer makes noise when in use
  5. The inner coating tends to peel off with regular use

 2) Duronic Air Fryer – A Durable Air Fryer Under £100

Duronic Air Fryer
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The Duronic AF1 air fryer comes with a modern design that looks great on the kitchen shelf. The air fryer offers an exceptional cooking experience as it uses advanced technology for cooking. The air fryer has ample cooking capacity in its basket, and you can cook food for the whole family in this air fryer.

The hot air circulation that cooks food in this air fryer requires very little or no oil to cook most of the dishes. If needed, you can drizzle a few drops of oil to give your meals a crunchy texture. The air fryer is a healthier choice for cooking as food cooked in the air fryer does not contain as many calories as food cooked in oil or fat. Air fried food has a similar taste to food cooked in oil, but you can rest assured that the fewer calories will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cooking food in an air fryer is quicker as the superheated air moves around the food to prepare it quickly. The heat penetrates all parts of the food, offering an even cooking, whether it is meat or french fries. The air fryer also comes with a mesh basket that keeps the grease from the food from splashing around.

The cleanup of this air fryer is easy as you can wash the removable parts by hand or even put them in the dishwasher. The pan and the basket come with a nonstick coating, which allows for ease of cleaning as the food does not stick to the inner surfaces. If you are looking for an air fryer that has advanced features, give this unit a look.


  1. Powerful air fryer with 1500W of cooking wattage
  2. Large basket with ample cooking space of 4.5L
  3. Easy to operate with a simple dial mechanism
  4. Includes a free recipe book
  5. Mesh wire basket makes cleaning easy


  1. The air fryer offers inconsistent cooking
  2. The basket handle is not good quality
  3. Timer dial can get loose with regular use
  4. The nonstick coating tends to wear off
  5. The air fryer makes noise during cooking

3) Tower T17022 Air Fryer – A High-Performance Air Fryer Under £100

Tower T17022 Air Fryer
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If you are looking to add a healthy cooking facet to your life, check out the Tower T17022 air fryer. This air fryer offers power-packed features such as rapid air circulation to cook food without oil. The air fryer is easy to use, and you can adjust the time and temperature needed to cook your desired dish.

The extensive temperature range means you can cook a wide range of dishes with ease. Whether it is steak, bacon, chicken, fish, or vegetables, you can cook it all while ensuring that the food will have fewer calories compared to food cooked in oil.

The air fryer comes with an extensive capacity of 4.3 litres that is enough to cook food for a small family of 2-3 people. Along with air frying, you can also roast, bake, and grill in this air fryer. There are options for changing the time and temperature to suit the cooking requirements of the dish that you want to cook.

There is a 60-minute timer on the air fryer that will shut off the unit once the time is complete. With the easy to use features, this air fryer is a must-have in any modern kitchen. The unit allows you to bring healthy cooking in your life by making your favorite dishes in little or no oil. So what are you waiting for, get this air fryer and start cooking your favorite meals in a healthy way.


  1. Extensive cooking capacity
  2. Powerful cooking operation
  3. Cooks food quickly and efficiently
  4. Easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher


  1. The basket is not easy to shake
  2. The nonstick coating tends to peel off
  3. The plastic housing under the pan can develop cracks
  4. The washer nut securing the fan tends to get loose

4) Tower Air Fryer – Cook a Variety of meals in this Air Fryer Under £100

Tower Air Fryer
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If you are interested in low-calorie cooking, then get an air fryer in your kitchen. The Tower air fryer is an ideal unit for your kitchen if you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The air fryer cooks food with superheated air that moves all around the food to cook it from inside out.

There is no need to use oil when cooking in the air fryer, and the food comes out with fewer calories compared to deep frying. Whether you want your food to be crispy or crunchy, you can do it all with this air fryer. Change the temperature as per the recipe’s needs and cook your food as you like.

The air fryer has a 2.2 litres basket capacity, and you can cook food for a small family with ease. Whether it is snacks like french fries or meat products like steak, fish, or chicken, the air fryer is perfect for all kinds of cooking.

The air fryer comes with a 30-minute timer for cooking, and it will switch off once the timer is complete. The basket is detachable, and you can clean it with hands or in the dishwasher. Once you take out the basket, the air fryer will switch off automatically. If you are looking for a fully-equipped air fryer, take a look at this unit today.


  1. The air fryer is easy to clean with hands
  2. The air fryer cooks efficiently 
  3. The 30-minute timer prevents food from burning
  4. Ideal for making crispy or crunchy food
  5. Small size takes up less space on the kitchen counter


  1. The nonstick coating tends to peel off
  2. There is no removable inner basket
  3. The size of the basket is on the smaller side
  4. The top of the air fryer pops off while in use
  5. The grease pours out with the food when tipping the basket

5) Power Air Fryer XL 3.2 Litre – A Budget Air Fryer Under £100

Power Air Fryer
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The Power Air Fryer has a 3.2 litres capacity, which means you can cook a meal to feed a small family. The unit is easy to operate, and it comes with touchscreen controls on a large panel visible in all conditions. You can choose from different cooking methods that are available on the screen. Whether it is simply air frying, grilling, baking, or roasting. There are preset functions in this air fryer that are perfect for cooking your favorite dishes without worrying about the time and temperature settings.

The air fryer comes with an auto shut off function so that the food does not get burnt once it is done cooking. Cleaning the air fryer after the cooking session is easy as you can put the removable basket in the dishwasher. You can also use a mild soap solution to clean the air fryer with your hands. The food cooked in this air fryer does not require any oil as the superheated air cooks the food and the drip tray catches any grease that drips from the food. So if you are looking for tasty food that’s healthy as well, get this air fryer today.


  1. Easy to use control panel
  2. Seven preset functions
  3. Heats up quickly to cook food faster
  4. Extensive basket capacity to cook for the whole family
  5. The unit shuts off automatically when the basket is removed


  1. The nonstick coating tends to flake off
  2. The screw holding the handle tends to get loose
  3. The door does not close easily
  4. The air fryer makes noise when in use


An air fryer under £100 can be just what you need in your kitchen. The first thing to keep in mind before buying the air fryer is how much food you need to cook. If your needs are limited and you only plan to cook food in the air fryer every now and then, you should go with an air fryer in this range.

A small air fryer in this range is the ideal choice for you if you are a small family or living with your partner. You can rest assured that the air fryer will be sufficient for your needs to cook healthy food and doing it quickly enough so that you don’t have to stay hungry. You can also cook a wide range of dishes in the air fryer, which makes this versatile device a must-have in any modern kitchen.

If you have any questions or queries about air fryers, please leave a comment below this article, and our team will answer your query at the earliest.


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