Best Air Fryer for Steak

An air fryer is one of the best appliances for cooking steak as it uses very little oil and cooks steak with only superheated air. If you are looking to cook steak quickly, then an air fryer is just the cooking appliance you need. The air fryer baskets have ample space to cook steak pieces, and you can cook ample food for a small family in the air fryer.

The controls are easy to use;  you can choose the time and temperature needed to cook the steak to perfection. With all these features, you can rest assured you will enjoy a healthy and well-cooked steak when you use an air fryer for cooking it. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best selling air fryers that are good for cooking steak. We will also take a look at their features, pros, and cons.

Comparison of Best Air Fryer for Steak

Serial NoProduct NameBasket Capacity (quarts)Power (W)Temperature Range (F)Dishwasher SafeWeight (pounds)Dimensions (Inches)Editor's Rating
1COSORI Air Fryer3.71500170-400Yes12.789.5 x 10 x 11.54.6
2Ninja AF101 Air Fryer41500105-400Yes4.913.6 x 11 x 13.34.7
3GoWISE USA Electric Air Fryer5.811700170-400No1814 x 12 x 124.7
4Instant Vortex 6 Quart 4in1 Air Fryer61700NAYes1516.80 x 14.90 x 154.6
5GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer3.71400170-400Yes1312 x 8 x 84.4
6GoWISE USA 5.8-Quart Air Fryer5.81350180-400Yes17.814 x 12 x 144.1
7Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer61700400Yes16.112.5 x 14.8 x 14.84.5
8Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer2.751425100-400Yes15.814.4 x 10.5 x 11.34.6
9Kalorik 5.3 Quart Digital Air Fryer XL5.51800400Yes1214.6 x 15 x 12.54.7
10NUWAVE BRIO 6-Quart Digital Air Fryer61800100-400Yes1516.5 x 15.1 x 13.14.1

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Reviews of Best Air Fryer for Steak

1) COSORI Air Fryer – A Full-Featured Air Fryer for Steak

COSORI Air Fryer
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The Cosori Air Fryer is a powerful unit that comes with a range of features that make it a powerhouse air fryer for cooking steak. The air fryer comes with a touchscreen option for choosing the preset functions. You can cook steak in this air fryer by simply the press of a button.

The basket of this air fryer has ample space in it for cooking steak, and the nonstick basket is also BPA-free and PFOA-free. The air fryer has 11 functions that are available at the touch of a button. Cooking steak in this air fryer takes very little or no oil so that you can enjoy a healthy cooking and eating experience.

The round design of the basket is perfect for cooking and putting food inside it. The digital controls make sense when you don’t want to move or twist dials for changing time and temperature.

The air fryer has an extensive temperature range of 170-400F, and it also has a timer range of 1-60 minutes.

In all, the air fryer cooks food faster and quicker as compared to traditional cooking methods, and it is much healthier too. The automatic shut off function keeps the food from burning up.


  1. Cool-touch handle for ease of handling
  2. Wide temperature range for cooking different dishes
  3. LED panel adds to the ease of cooking
  4. Eleven presets for most dishes
  5. Nonstick basket is easy to clean in the dishwasher


  1. The air fryer smells of plastic while cooking
  2. The nonstick coating on the basket comes off with time
  3. E1 error is a common problem with this unit

2) Ninja AF101 Air Fryer – A Value-for-Money Air Fryer for Cooking Steak

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer
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The Ninja AF101 air fryer is the perfect air fryer when you want to cook steak. The air fryer has an extensive temperature range to cook a steak to rare, medium, or well done as per your choice. You also get a crisper plate and multi-layer rack to cook more pieces of steak depending on how many people are going to eat.

The air fryer has a temperature range of 105-400F, which gives you ample control over your method of cooking. You can add the food in the 4 quarts basket that is coated with nonstick materials for ease of cleaning.

The basket is also dishwasher safe so you can clean with the other utensils in the dishwasher without any worry.

The air fryer uses superheated air to cook the steak by moving the air through the chamber of the air fryer. The hot air cooks the steak evenly from all sides without the need for any oil.

For an even better cooking experience, you can preheat the air fryer for three minutes before adding the steak to the basket. Another advantage of the Ninja AF101 air fryer is that you can also use this unit to dehydrate foods as per your needs.

The air fryer uses high heat and a fan to remove moisture from any kind of food so you can store the food for later use. If you are looking for an air fryer that offers multiple functions in one unit, pick this unit today.


  1. Four quarts basket with ample space for cooking steak
  2. The air fryer comes with crisper plate and multi-layer rack
  3. Cooks food with 75% less fat than usual cooking methods
  4. Wide temperature range for different cooking functions
  5. Simple and intuitive controls for ease of cooking


  1. The air fryer makes noise while in use
  2. The food smells of burning plastic at times
  3. The grease from the food drips down in the tray
  4. The Teflon coating comes out with time

3) GoWISE USA Electric Air Fryer – An 8-in-1 Air Fryer for Steak

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This air fryer from GoWISE makes cooking steak as easy as pressing a button. The air fryer comes with 8-in-1 cooking options for different dishes. All you have to do is place the steak in the basket and press the button that says steak. The air fryer will take care of the rest. From the time and temperature to the moment when you need to shake the air fryer, it has all the settings programmed in it.

The XL size air fryer has 5.81 quarts of cooking space, which means you can easily cook food for a small family. The easy to view touchscreen keeps the air fryer functions at the forefront, and you can also change the functions from the touchscreen as needed.

The air fryer also has a wide temperature range for cooking steak at different levels. The cooking timer goes up to 30 minutes, and there is also an auto-shutoff function that keeps the food from burning up if you leave the air fryer plugged in.

Along with cooking steak, you can also cook fish, bacon, chicken, shrimp, cake, and pizza in this air fryer. If you are looking for an air fryer that comes with a lot of functions and offers great value for money, check this unit out.


  1. Powerful cooking operation with 1700 watts
  2. Touchscreen options for ease of cooking
  3. Basket with an extensive capacity to cook for the whole family
  4. Nonstick basket surface makes cooking and cleaning easy
  5. Automatic shutoff to prevent burning of food


  1. The basket is not dishwasher safe
  2. The timer only runs for 30 minutes
  3. The handle of the basket is not good quality
  4. The basket smells of plastic on cooking
  5. The basket coating tends to peel off with use

4) Instant Vortex 6 Quart 4in1 Air Fryer – An Easy to use Air Fryer for Cooking Steak

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The Instant Vortex is a 6-quarts unit that has ample space for cooking different kinds of steak dishes. The air fryer is a quick working unit that has a wide temperature range to perfectly cook steak just the way you like it. The touchscreen controls give you the ability to choose the time and temperature for which you want to cook the steak.

The air fryer cooks food without using any oil, and in case of specific dishes, only a small amount of oil. There are four built-in programs for cooking food, and you can choose from Air Fry, Bake, Roast, or Reheat depending on your requirements.

The touch controls take any complexity out of the operation of the air fryer, simply put the food in and touch the panel to make your choice of cooking. The modern design of the air fryer looks good in any modern kitchen. You can make use of the large capacity basket to cook the amount of food you desire.

The basket can air fry up to two pounds of fries or a four-pound chicken in one go. If you are looking for delicious flavors of your favorite foods without worrying about the calories or the hassle of cooking in oil, then this air fryer is the ideal choice for you.


  1. The air fryer uses up to 95% less oil to cook food to perfection
  2. Comes with four smart functions for ease of cooking
  3. The free Instant Pot app has more than 1000 recipes for air fryer
  4. The tray is dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  5. The settings are easy to read and control


  1. The air fryer smells of burning plastic
  2. The instruction booklet is vague
  3. The cooking tray falls out of the basket
  4. The drawer doesn’t fit in too well
  5. The handle is not good quality

5) GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer – A Digital Air Fryer for Steak

GoWISE USA 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer
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The 3.7 quarts GoWISE air fryer can cook steak with little to no oil. All you have to do is add the steak to the basket and choose the option on the touchscreen that says steak. The steak will be cooked to perfection once the timer is finished. The air fryer also has various temperature and timer settings in case you want to cook the steak as per your liking.

The air fryer uses less or no oil while cooking food with superheated air that moves all around the food to cook the meat. There are also eight preset functions in this air fryer that make cooking food easier than ever.

Along with steak, you can also cook chicken, french fries, shrimp, pork, cake, and more. The air fryer has an extensive temperature range of 170-400F to give you complete control over how you want to cook your steak.

The digital screen is easy to see, and the options are well-lit so that you have no trouble in choosing the right option for cooking. The air fryer also comes with a timer option that lets you know when the food is completely cooked. In case you forget to switch off the air fryer, the auto-shutoff feature will switch off the air fryer once the recipe is complete.

The air fryer also comes with a recipe book that contains 50 recipes that are designed especially for the air fryer. You can choose from a range of methods to suit every kind of cooking. If you are looking for an air fryer that does all types of cooking with minimal fuss, then give this unit a look.


  1. High-powered heating element for quick cooking
  2. Recipes app from GoWISE is excellent for discovering new recipes
  3. Nonstick basket allows for optimum airflow and easy cooking
  4. The digital screen adds to the ease of cooking
  5. The air fryer cooks food with up to 80% less fat


  1. The nonstick coating starts wearing off quickly
  2. The food smells of burnt plastic
  3. The tray does not close easily
  4. The handle is not made of quality materials
  5. The basket is difficult to clean


If you are fond of eating steak, then buying an air fryer is one of the best decisions you can take. The air fryer can cook a steak to perfection just as you like it, that too without using any oil. The air fryer is quick to cook steak as it uses hot air to surround the meat so that it’s cooked evenly on all sides.

Another benefit of using an air fryer for cooking steak is that you do not have to deal with the smell and heat of oil. The food cooked in the air fryer has fewer calories as compared to food cooked in oil, and it makes for a healthy choice of meal.

While looking for an air fryer to cook steak, choose one that has an extensive temperature range so that you can choose the level of cooking you want your steak at. Another thing to look for is easy to use controls such as a touchscreen that adds more clarity to the cooking process.

For any questions or queries about air fryer for cooking steak, please feel free to leave a comment and our team will get back to you at the earliest.


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