Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER220SS Air Fryer Review

If you are looking for an advanced technology electric air fryer at a reasonable price that could make you healthy fried, roasted, and baked meals, the Avalon Bay Ab-airfryer220ss is the product you are searching.

Manufactured by the Avalon Bay, this amazing little air fryer works on the advanced technology of Hot Air Circulation, thus replacing the traditional deep frying equipment. It has a sleek design with easy controls.

The control panel is a touchscreen that displays temperature and time information to you. There is a non-stick basket inside the unit that can be withdrawn using the front handle, as shown in the figure. The timer can be set for up to 30 minutes. Within this short period, this machine can cook a variety of recipes including fried chicken, steaks, fries, donuts, cakes, and many other items.

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To save your time, all the key features, technical specs, good and bad things of this air fryer have been accumulated in this article.

Quick Specification Overview

Product NameAvalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER220SS Digital Air Fryer
ManufacturerAvalon Bay
ColorBlack & Silver
TechnologyRapid Air Circulation
Capacity3.5 liters
TimerUp to 30 minutes
Dishwasher Safe PartsYes
Temperature Control200-400 F
Overheat ProtectionYes
Item Dimensions11 x 13.5 x 12.75 in
Item Weight14 lbs
Warranty1 year
Editor Rating 4.3/5
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Key Features of Avalon Bay AB-AIRFRYER220SS

The Avalon Bay Electric Air Fryer 220s is a multi-featured product meticulously designed and manufactured by the company. The hot features include almost no-oil cooking capability, non-stick internal basket, timed cooking, easily cleanable parts, controllable temperature settings and much more.

A detailed analysis of the key features of this air fryer is as follows.

  • Least or No Oil Cooking The relatively newer hot air circulation technology used in this fryer enables you to prepare a delicious meal while using the least amount of oil. Often, you can apply a negligible amount of oil to your food by simply brushing it from the outside. You can also cook it without any oil at all.
  • Non-stick Food Basket The basket inside the unit that carries your food to be fried is made of non-stick material. It allows you to use as low oil for cooking as possible. Additionally, it is also easier to wash afterward.
  • Controllable Temperature Settings This fryer has a wide range of temperature from which you can adjust the appropriate value according to your cooking requirements. You can set a temperature from 200oF to 400oF. Such a wide range of adjustable temperature is offered by very few other contemporary products of similar quality.
  • Timed Cooking The fryer offers a timer of up to 30 minutes which means you can adjust the timing according to your recipe. When the pre-adjusted time is up, your meal is ready to be served.
  • Easily Cleanable Parts Feel free to use the air fryer on a daily basis because you can easily wash it after every use. The basket inside the unit easily gets separated, and you can wash it with regular dishwasher.
  • Fried yet Healthy Food In typical frying method, your food gets dipped in the oil and it does not remain good for your health anymore. Therefore, if you want to eat fried yet healthy food, this fryer is for you because it consumes the least amount of oil or sometimes, no oil at all. The food remains crispy and delicious.
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts The Avalon Bay electric air fryer contains dishwasher safe parts, and you can wash them frequently without any hesitation. There is no fear of damaging the non-stick frying basket because it is made of top-quality material.
  • Digital Touchscreen Panel The fryer contains a digital touchscreen panel on the front. Contrary to traditional buttons panel, it is easier to adjust settings for an enhanced cooking experience.

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Full Technical Specification of Ab 220ss

This fryer is a dynamic product with multi-dimensional technical aspects attached to it. To understand these dimensions, a thorough analysis of the technical specs of this fryer has been carried out which is as follows.

  • Rapid Air Circulation Technology The electric air fryer works on the principle of hot air circulation. When it is turned on, the food inside gets exposure to optimal hot air from all sides at the same time. In this way, all the food nicely gets cooked.
  • The Inside Fan Technology The fan technology inside the unit removes any extra fats and oils from your food, thus converting into a healthy meal. The fan dries your food to a meal containing minimum possible fat.
  • Optimal Heat Distribution This fryer cooks your food like no other air fryer available in the market right now. All the credit goes to its Optimal Heat Distribution Mechanism. All the heat comes at the same time inside the fryer. This causes your food to be equally cooked from all dimensions.
  • Nonstick Mesh Metal Basket The basket inside the unit that carries your food is manufactured of high-quality non-stick mesh metal. This allows your food to remain crispy, crunchy and delicious even in the presence of very little oil.
  • Non-slip Feet The air fryer contains non-slip feet which enhance the unit’s grip on any kind of surface including marble, wood, and plastic. You can cook your favorite food without any danger of getting the fryer slipped.
  • 200-400o F Temperature Range This fryer comes with a wide range of adjustable temperature. You can set a temperature from 200 to 400 degrees according to the recipe. This technical aspect encompasses the fact that every recipe requires its unique temperature settings.
  • Drawer with Handle on the Front The unit contains a handle connected to the drawer that contains the cooking basket. There is a button on top of the handle which is pushed to get the drawer out of the unit. Then there is the basket inside it which can also be detached further.
  • Ideal Product Dimensions The air fryer has optimal dimensions which make it ideal to be placed on even smaller shelves. Its dimensions are 11×13.5×12.75 inches.
  • Spacious Unit This electric air fryer has a capacity of 3.2 liters which indicates that you can easily cook food for 2-3 adults at a time. It is ideal for small families with 2-3 children.

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Best Things about Avalon Bay Ab 220ss

It is one of the best electric air fryers available on the Amazon right now. It has a variety of best things to be known. These are as follows.

  • A Daily Use Machine Avalon Bay electric fryer is a machine that you can freely use on a regular basis for cooking a variety of meal. It is compact, efficient and easy to use. There are no complex rules to follow while using it.
  • All in One Experience It is truly a multi-purpose cooking machine that can fry, deep fry, bake, and roast on-demand. You can prepare your daily meals of sweet and salty taste in this amazing device including fries, chicken, cake, etc.
  • Healthy Food It is one of the biggest advantages of this small magical machine that it fries your food, yet keeps it to the top level of healthy diet. It can crisp fry your food with the least amount of oil. Minimum fat means maximum health.
  • Compact Size Its dimensions are 11×13.5×12.75 inches which boast a compact size. Owing to this, you can easily adjust it on even smaller places. Additionally, it is also easier to carry from one place to another.
  • Spacious Basket The basket inside the unit, which carries your food, is a spacious one. It is circular in shape of 8 inches diameter and 3.5 inches deep. It can easily accommodate a meal for 2-3 adult servings.
  • Mesh Metal non-Stick Basket The basket is non-stick which allows you to cook with utmost finesse and least amount of oil. This material supports the concept of oil-free cooking, thus converting your food into a dry, healthy and oil-less meal.
  • Intelligent Timer Its timer can be a real sigh of relief for you because it stops the fryer upon completion. The machine also shows a red light to notify you that your food is ready. The unit also produces a ‘ding’ sound upon time completion to let you know if you are somewhere else.
  • Easy Cleaning The main unit contains a pan which can be withdrawn with the help of the handle on it. Inside the pan is the basket. You only have to push it from the handle, and both of them will be out for you to wash. It helps with daily use and washing.

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Bad Things about Avalon Bay Ab 220ss

Besides the best qualities and features, this air fryer contains some bad things too. These drawbacks are as follows.

  • Inner Basket Adjustment Problem Initially, the unit works fine. But after a few weeks of use, the basket often becomes difficult to adjust into the pan perfectly. It could permanently stop you from cooking in the unit.
  • Poor Instructions There is no proper and detailed instruction book about the unit. Although most of the contemporary electronic devices come with a complete guidance, this unit’s support could frustrate you.
  • Limited Recipes Apart from some basic items, there are no recipes available with the unit. Since it is a multi-cooking machine, there must be a list of good recipes. But unfortunately, there isn’t.
  • Low-quality Exterior The fryer is made of a low-quality material on the outside. If not handled with care, the outer casing may easily get broken. Therefore, if you have small kids, think of a safe place for the unit or avoid purchasing it at all.
  • Poor Coating on the Basket After a few cooks, the non-stick material covering the inner basket starts to peel off, and it may get mixed with your food too. Sometimes, the food catches the color of the basket too which is very annoying and dangerous to your health at the same time.
  • Control Panel Wiping off The buttons and instructions on the front touchscreen control panel may get disappear after a few weeks. It will cause difficulty in operating the machine onwards.
  • Takes too much Time for Meat Products This fryer is ideal for regular frying and baking, but it often consumes extra time for fully cooking the food which includes beef. If used frequently, the extended cooking can cause your electricity bill to rise.
  • Low-quality Metal Tends to Rust The outer, as well as the inner of the unit, is not made of a good quality material. Therefore, the outside of the unit gets rusted in increased humidity, and the inner parts also get damaged due to frequent washing.

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Avalon Bay Ab-airfryer220ss Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The questions that are often asked by the interested buyers about this particular air fryer are as follows.

Q: Does This Device Come with a Thorough Instruction Book?

This air fryer may or may not come with a proper guidance booklet. You may have to search for the instructions online.

Q: What Is the Capacity of This Fryer?

Its capacity is 3.5 liters.

Q: Is It Made in the USA?

No. It is made in China.

Q: Do I Have to Defrost the Frozen Chicken Tenders Before Putting Them into This Fryer, or They Can Go as They Are?

You can put frozen chicken tenders in the air fryer. It would take a bit of extra time, but they will turn out to be fine.

Q: How Much Food Can It Cook at a Time?

It can easily cook a meal for 2-3 servings. You can cook 4 chicken drumsticks and 2 steaks at a time.

Q: Has Anyone Used This Fryer for Cooking Sweet Potato Fries? How Is the Result?

Yes. They turned out to be fine.

Q: Can This Fryer Cook Freshly Breaded Food Too, I.e. Chicken and Fish?

Yes. This fryer can cook freshly breaded chicken and fish of top taste and color. Although they taste a bit different than the deep fried ones, they still are fine.

Q: What Is the Maximum Temperature Range of This Air Fryer?

The maximum temperature range for this fryer is 400oF.

Q: Does It Require Pre-heating?

After pre-heating the fryer, when you open it for putting in the food, it will quickly get cool. Therefore, it is suggested to add to extra minutes to cooking than pre-heat it.

Q: Should I Add Some Necessary Amount of Oil in It for Fine Cooking?

You can brush your food with oil, but you do not have to put in oil into the basket separately. The air fryers are designed to get rid of as much oil as possible. Therefore, they can easily cook food even in the absence of oil.

Q: Can I Cook Battered Fresh Food Like Vegetables in This Fryer?

It is better to cook frozen vegetables in the fryer. The fresh veggies may not turn out to be well.

Q: Does the Timer Automatically Shuts Off or Needs to Be Stopped Manually?

Once you set the timer, you do not have to worry about stopping it. Upon completion, it will automatically stop, thus stopping the fryer.

Q: Does This Fryer Turns the Food Brown to a Required Limit?

This fryer is great for cooking food that needs up to 30 minutes. All such food items will properly be turned brown by the fryer.

Q: Does This Fryer Eventually Gets the Smell of Rancid Oil?

This fryer needs less or no oil. In such cases, there is nothing to worry about oil smell. If you cook food by adding some more oil on a regular basis, it is strongly recommended that you should clean it after every cooking session. This would keep your unit away from bad odor issues.

Q: Can I Make Donuts in the Fryer?

This fryer is more like a convection oven. So yes you can make donuts in it. But make the dough a bit thick and hard, so it does not gets melted.


The Avalon Bay Electric Air Fryer 220ss is a smart, compact, efficient and relatively cheaper frying device that works on the principle of Hot Air Circulation. You may find similar devices on the Amazon with much greater prices. Therefore, if you need an air fryer, this item is a good one to invest into.

Moreover, it can easily cook a meal for 2-3 persons, making it perfect for smaller families. The parts are easy to integrate and disintegrate and can easily be washed whenever required. If you are a busy person, it can be a time saver for you.

Overall, the Avalon Bay ab-airfryer220ss is a fine combination of advanced technology, compact design, multi-function ability and a low price. All of these attributes make it a good kitchen appliance.

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