Air Fryer Sizes: Complete Guide to Pick Right Size AirFryer

Excellent cooking always depends on smart and efficient kitchen appliances and gears. Healthy cooking may not end up tasty for some picky eaters. But when you use fabulous compact, user-friendly air fryers to make such delicious food, you will never feel disappointed.

The capacity of the air fryers offers a lot of advantages in your cooking routine. Air fryers are not only meant for cooking fried food without oil; it is also effortless to prepare sweets and grilled veggies apart from chicken, fish, prawn, and potatoes. Many air fryers come in various sizes, shapes, appearance, and functionality. This page helps you understand the sizes of air fryers to pick your right one.

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Sizes of Air Fryers:

  • 2 Qt to 3.2 Qt size
  • 3.2 Qt to 5.8Qt size
  • 5.8 Qt to 6.7 Qt size
  • There are also 16 Qt to 26 Qt size

Air Fryers for Compact Kitchens:

Compact kitchens are not suitable to keep so many cooking appliances. Air fryers of 2 Qt size can serve one person or also two persons; if you are a stay alone person, you would love to cook with the smart kitchen friend. It is perfect for cooking two small portions of chicken breast, one medium-sized potato for French fries, 1/2 dozen chicken wings, and other food for baking.

Air fryers of size 3.2 to 4 can cook for a family of two people. You can choose an air fryer from 2 Qt to 4 Qt size for a compact chicken to fry your favorite food at ease. No matter the size of the family, if you have a family with picky eaters, then you would be freed from tension to satisfy your loved one’s taste buds.

Air Fryers for Beginners:

Beginners that want to cook healthy and tasty food in a short time with simple functions can prefer using an air fryer that is compact and user-friendly. You can choose a 2 to 4 Qt size air fryer to fry, bake, dehydrate food according to your wish.

If you are a beginner, but you want an air fryer that can cook sufficient food for a large family, then you can opt for 5 Qt size to even 12 Qt size air fryers. You can effortlessly cook for 4 to 8 family members without any mess.

Some air fryers also come with an extended ring that provides ample space to accommodate your food for cooking. Beginners can seamlessly use the air fryer for all your favorite cuisines.

Air Fryers for Chefs:

There is no particular size of the air fryer for chefs. If you are a chef, you can select an air fryer that starts from 2 Qt size to 26 Qt size according to the quantity and frequency of preparing fried food for your customers.

Compact air fryers can save the space in the kitchen and allows you to cook without any fumes and smokes in the room. Though the size of the air fryer may vary, most of them have similar functions that will nowhere confuse the user even if you are a newbie.

Air Fryers to Cook Whole Chicken:

To cook a whole chicken, you have to choose air fryers of above 6 Qt size to accommodate the entire uncut chicken comfortably. If the basket is above 7 Qt size, you need not worry about the space for the chicken to set inside for cooking.

You can say bye to your big ovens and adore the smart air fryer to reduce the grease and time taken for cooking. Some large air fryers also allow other ingredients to cook along with the chicken, whereas air fryers from 5.8 to 6.2 Qt size can only fit a whole chicken and not any veggies in it.

Air Fryers to Cook the Whole Turkey:

Air fryers 16 and above Quart size are perfect for cooking a whole turkey without any difficulty. Big sized air fryers cook turkey faster with less effort. Some XL air fryers come with an extended ring that can cook two food at a time or one food with ample space.

Air fryers serve as an all-in-one appliance for frying, baking, and grilling your turkey, chicken, and veggies.

Air Fryers for Rotisseries:

You cannot rotisserie a chicken using every air fryer. Air fryer that looks like an oven and comes with the rotisserie attachments can make rotisserie chicken. Grilling chicken without making your kitchen greasy is possible only by using air fryers that will also not make you tired.

Before picking up the perfect air fryer, you should know the size of the countertop to place it without occupying the space of your other appliance. Most of the large-sized air fryers replace toasters and ovens.

Small air fryers may come with almost similar functions that a large air fryer works, but small air fryers are suitable for only a few members in a family. No matter the size of the air fryer, you can prepare desserts, meals, fries, and also pizzas using an air fryer.


You cannot use the same accessories with different air fryers since the sizes may vary. Accessories of same size air fryers can be tired using it if you don’t have the particular accessories like a basket, frying plate, etc.

The shape and quantity of the food are dependent on the size of the basket for cooking. If you want to cook food in a usual amount, then you can choose the air fryers from 5.8 Qt size to 6.2 Qt size, which is the standard size in most of the households. I hope this page gives you useful visions on air fryer sizes that you are planning to use it in your kitchen.


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