What Size Air Fryer for a Family of 5

Many of us like fried foods in any form, may it be a snack or dessert. A favorite meal is complete if there are healthy veggies accompanied by fried chicken or fries. Mothers and wives are the sweetest people that get stressed out to arrange an exotic, not repeated food in the table.

For a family that resists avoiding fried food can choose a cooking option with air fryers. Air fryers can cook for single to large families without tiring and fuming the kitchen. You can select air fryers according to the count of your family and also according to the frequency of preparing fried delicacies.

Air Fryers that Can Serve 5 Members:

For a family of 5 members, you can choose any air fryers above 5 or 6 Qt capacity, which will be a perfect choice. You can select the air fryers that are above 6 Qt capacity if you may have to prepare fried food for more than 5 people.

Many families consist of many fried food lovers, and those kinds of family or friends can prefer opting for a 6 Qt size air fryer, which will never disappoint you for its capacity. The usual sizes of air fryers that are widely used in many of the big households are 5.8 Qt and 6.2 Qt sizes.

The air fryer makes your food crispy and tasty in a few minutes than any convection oven. Using it will save you time and offer the required crust to your food. If you are concerned about the space in the kitchen, then you can choose an air fryer as an all-in-one cooking appliance.

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Reasons to Own a Large Air Fryer:

For a family of five or more, air fryer is the best option to cook your favorite food, and it can cook anything of your choice. Air fryer satisfies picky eaters and also allows one to cook by themselves due to the smooth operation.

Cleaning the utensils after deep frying the food is often distressing after preparing food for large families; air fryer lets you get rid of the pain of cleaning greasy vessels. The easy to clean air fryer basket stays clean after every use and also saves space in the kitchen countertop.

Sometimes, when you have a large family, it is not possible to expect everyone to have food at the same time. The keep-warm function in the air fryers helps you in keeping the food warm yet crispier for extended time until the other member of the family enjoys the meal.

Reviews of 3 Best Air Fryers for a Family of 5:

#1 Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

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This large air fryer is trendy and smart to be like your kitchen partner and helps in surprising your family with different foods. It comes with an auto-shutoff function that keeps the food and you safe once the cooking is complete.

The 6 Qt size is sufficient for a large family and satisfies all the fried food lovers and picky eaters without compromising in the taste. The operations are safe, where a first-timer also finds it easy to operate. The housing and the handle stay at room temperature without getting heated.

The removable non-stick basket is dishwasher safe, and the whole air fryer is easy to clean and maintain. There is a temperature dial in the top pf the air fryer and timer dial in the front. The perfect sized air fryer does not occupy a lot of space in your countertop.

Crisping the food is made more accessible by this excellent air fryer, and all the cooking is done within the time of preheating the traditional convection oven. The 1700 W power makes the food crispier on the outside and moist inside. This beautiful looking air fryer can cook a wide range of recipes and comes with a recipe book that keeps you inspired to try varieties.


  • Easy to use
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Has auto-shutoff function
  • Trendy and smart


  • No pre-built functions
  • No digital displays
  • Fewer accessories

#2 GoWise USA 5.48 Qt 8-in-1 Air Fryer

 GoWise USA 5.48 Qt 8-in-1 Air Fryer

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This large air fryer can cook for a big family and satisfy different taste buds effortlessly. The 8 built-in smart programs help the user to prepare in one tap. There are timer and temperature controls for your favorite recipes.

The rapid air circulation fries the food evenly and reduces the time of crisping the food for the second time. The on/off function lets the user stop the process in between and check the status of the food.

There is an alarm function that calls the user to shake the ingredients for consistent cooking. All the preset cooking options are the most frequently needed ones that everyone wants to cook, which simplifies the cooking process.

The 6 different accessories are useful in many ways while you think of arranging your tools for cooking. You can get a 100 % perfect fried food that never fails you and prompts you for the next chance to prepare healthy food items.

The large basket is easy to clean and store. The recipe book contains 50 delicious recipes that are made easy with the step by step descriptions. This fantastic air fryer will make you forget the convection oven and lets you cook different and extensive recipes with minimum effort.


  • Elegant looking air fryer
  • 8 built-in functions
  • Maximum capacity basket
  • Shake alarm
  • 6 accessories
  • Digital touch screen


  • Noisy at times

#3 La Gourmet 5.5 Qt Black Air Fryer

La Gourmet 5.5 Qt Black Air Fryer

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This sleek-looking air fryer is stylish and does significant frying recipes without oil and surprises with the taste. The considerable capacity of 5.5 lbs Qt size basket accommodates as much of food possible for a 5-member family.

The two easy to dial knobs are simple to set the temperature and time. The removable basket has a push button that ensures safety. This air fryer is ideal for frying, grilling, baking, and making desserts.

The air fryer is user-friendly and can prepare a wide range of foods that are liked by everyone in the family. It requires a bit of understanding while frying or baking the food to perform the functions next time with the exact temperature and time required.

Whenever you try to make fries or fried chicken for a big family, it will be a stressful task to complete it without a mess. The job is made hassle-free with the help of an air fryer.

The manual option lets the user organize their recipes and make a book for future reference. You can avoid a hot and smoky kitchen by using the air fryer and offer your family a healthy meal every time they need it.


  • Big capacity basket
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Push button for proper grip on the basket
  • Shiny smart kitchen appliance


  • No accessories
  • No pre-programmed cooking options


Q1: Is it necessary to mix the ingredients while cooking in large quantities?

Ans: Though the air fryer works with rapid air circulation technology, the food can be mixed in between the cooking process for your satisfaction. Also, stirring the ingredients depends on the food that we prepare.
Any food that calls for shaking or mixing can be done at any stage of the cooking process in an air fryer.

Q2: Can a 5 Qt size air fryer be used for preparing food for one person without the fear of burning it?

Ans: Big capacity air fryers may not be able to accompany more than their specified size, but it can cook meager food without any hesitation of burning it.


No matter the amount of food we prepare, the air fryers are the best kitchen appliances that will make fool-proof healthy fried and baked food. By using a 5-member capacity air fryer, you can prepare 4 pounds of crispy chicken wings, fries, chicken, prawn, and also veggies.

For a family of 5, you can use any air fryer above 5 Qt size that easily allows the food to crisp on all the surfaces. You can use the air fryer every day to complete all your cooking job with no trouble.

It is always better to shake the ingredients and put the basket back for frying to coat the spices and fat evenly to get a proper crispy exterior. Having a big family of many kids demands healthy and tasty food; extra-large air fryers are saviors to those that want a magic appliance.


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