Cozyna Air Fryer Review – Multi Cooker with Rapid Air Circulation

Low fat and healthier alternatives don’t have to be boring when you have Cozyna Low Fat Healthy and Multi-Cooking Air Fryer. It’s time to make your healthy lifestyle choice possible in a healthier, happier and tastier way with the help of Air Fryer by Cozyna, Low Fat Healthy and Multi Cooker with Rapid Air Circulation System.

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Food is universally appealing, diverse and delectable. Seriously, who doesn’t love food? But that love comes with its ‘heavy’ cost, and it becomes harder to resist as you embark on the path to weight loss. Need to snack but worried about putting on those hard to shed pounds you recently lost? Have a strong craving for yummy fries once in a while but have to stick with the boring salad, because too much oil would do you no good.

If you have health problems which ask for less oil, or you are simply a health-conscious person looking for better alternatives to deep frying your favorite foods then the answer to all your food problems is one simple solution: Air Fryer by Cozyna.

Now, it does not seem too good to be true that you can enjoy the same taste of crispy, crunchy fries without having to douse them in all that extra oil. With Air Fryer Multi Cooker, you can reduce more than 70% of the oil input and still get the same results! No compromise on taste, while staying healthy!

What’s more? A quick skim into the latest e-books would give you an awesome assemblage of brilliant ideas for some of the yummiest and tastiest recipes you can try with the Multi Cooker, and with one order you get two e-cookbooks for free!

Detailed Features of the Air Fryer by Cozyna, Low Fat Healthy and Multi Cooker with Rapid Air Circulation System

Cozyna Airfryer offers you the best features to cater your need for healthy and delicious food. The Cozyna Air Fryer’s parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. It comes with two famous recipe books with over 50 recipes, which is designed exclusively for the Cozyna Air Fryer.

Listed here are the detailed features of Air Fryer by Cozyna:

  • Versatility:
    There are more than one uses for this appliance. Whether you want to fry, bake, grill and roast, it does it all efficiently. It cooks potato fries, grills chicken and other meats, bakes, and roast. Cook almost anything you could ever imagine in this easy to use air fryer. 
  • Easy to Use:
    You’ll be able to cook anything that you could ever want in this easy-to-use device. No matter what you’re trying to cook, this air fryer will deliver some of the best results that you can imagine in an easy to use and high-functioning machine.
  • 70 Percent Less Oil Usage:
    Cozyna Airfryer helps you in saving money and calories both. This appliance uses 70 Percent less oil than the conventional deep fryers. You only have to use one tablespoon of oil instead of having your food swim in it.
  • Extra Benefit:
    The Cozyna Low Fat Air Fryer comes with over 50 recipes to make sure that you know how to use this device. These recipes are especially formulated for Cozyna Airfryer to help you get optimum results from the machine. These books contain a wide variety of recipes, from the plain fries and fried chicken to the exotic Thai mushrooms and chicken meatballs.
  • Zero Guilt – Air Frying Vs. Deep Frying:
    Zero guilt means that you will not be having any guilt of eating something calorie enriched when you are eating Cozyna air fryer foods. This air fryer makes sure that all the fat in the food is gone and minor oil is used to make food healthier. With amazing and efficient technology the food remains full flavored.
  • Dishwasher Safe:
    This air fryer is completely dishwasher safe which is a big advantage of Cozyna air fryer. To make your life hassle free Cozyna Airfryer comes with the option of dishwasher safety. Its parts can be put in the dishwasher without any hesitation to make cleaning unproblematic.
  • Non-Stick Surface:
    This gadget guarantees you that your food doesn’t get stuck or make a mess while cooking. With Cozyna Airfryer you’ll feel comfortable cooking anything from chicken breasts, chicken tenders, fries to more tender meats and bread that have chances of making a mess.
  • Small Size:
    Its small size allows you to save counter space and store the fryer away easily when it’s not in use. Its small size makes this device portable so that you can place it anywhere easily. You can carry this device with you when traveling to make your favorite food in no time.
  • Fast Cooking Time:
    This air fryer cooks fast and efficiently thus allows you to save your time as compared to the traditional deep fryers. It can save up to 50 percent of your cooking time.
  • 30 Minute Timer / Auto Turn – Off:
    This appliance comes with a convenient 30 minutes timer which makes it easier and hassle free for you to cook your food. 30 minutes is a plenty of time to fry most foods. Whether you set it to ten minutes or the full half-hour, when time is up, the fryer will automatically turn off.
  • Flexible Temperature Range:
    The temperature on this air fryer can be adjusted up to 392-degrees. That’s hot enough to cook chicken or anything else. This temperature range makes it possible for Cozyna Air Fryer to cook a variety of foods.
  • Evenly Cooked Food:
    Rapid air circulation in this air fryer helps to cook food evenly. The air is heated, and it is circulated rapidly, thus using much less oil than when you deep fry or pan fry.
  • Perfect for Small Families:
    It is one of the more spacious units, so you can make lots of finger foods like French fries, meatballs, and so on for parties at home, and also whole meals like steaks or potatoes for your family. You can get two to three servings at a time. It is ideal for small families.

Full Technical Specifications of Cozyna Air Fryer

To understand the product in a better way, you should know about the size, weight, and technology of the appliance. It helps you to determine various aspects which you must be aware of before buying the gadget.

So here is a compiled list of technical specs of Air Fryer by Cozyna.

  • Compact Dimension:
    15.5 x 13.2 x 12.9 inches is the product dimension. This item can be placed conveniently in small kitchen counters without any hassle. Its compact size makes it perfect for even the smallest kitchen. Due to its small size, this device can be termed as a portable device.
  • Elegant Color:
    The color of the Cozyna Air Fryer is black. The appearance of the product is not that stylish, so aesthetically conscious customers will find this product not much attractive, but the benefits of this air fryer surpass the outlook of the item.
  • Fine Material:
    The exterior of Air Fryer by Cozyna is made from black plastic and gets warm during cooking, but it won’t cause injury if you happen to touch it. The inner basket is made of Teflon coating.
  • Adjustable Temperature:
    This air dryer has a wide range of temperatures, which can be adjusted with the help of a knob. The maximum range this item offers is up to 92 degrees. The required temperature depends on the kind of food you want to cook or fry. According to your desire set the temperature and wait for the timer to alarm you.
  • NonStick Pan:
    The inner basket or pan is made of Teflon coating, which is a nonstick material. This nonstick Teflon coating allows foods to slide off easily, so you don’t have to spend tons of time scrubbing food bits from your fryer’s basket or tray.
  • Analog Display:
    Unlike contemporary air fryers, this appliance has an analog display that consists of two knobs to control the temperature and time. Manual display of Cozyna Air Fryer lack the polished look of digital counterparts, but it has the same functionality as others.
  • Rapid Air Circulation Technology:
    Cozyna Air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology to cook any food that you would otherwise soak in deep fat. This technology works by circulating air to high degrees, up to 200C, to fry foods such as fish, chips, pastries, chicken, and more. This technology helps you get the perfect fried crispy food cooked evenly. 
  • 3.2 Liter Capacity:
    With 3.2 L capacity, Cozyna Air Fryer is the perfect gadget for small to medium families, as it cooks 2 to 3 servings for adults at a time.
  • Warranty:
    The manufacturer is offering a warranty of two years to its customers. In addition to the warranty, the manufacturers are also offering the money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.
  • 30 Minutes Timer:
    To make the cooking experience smooth Cozyna Company has added the feature of the timer. It allows setting the required temperature till 30 minutes with the help of a knob. 30 minutes are enough to cook any food.
  • Wattage:
    Air Fryer by Cozyna is a 1500 watt appliance.

What Comes with Cozyna Air Fryer- Low Fat Healthy and Multi Cooker with Rapid Air Circulation System?

Who doesn’t want to get those extra benefits with the main product? Cozyna Air Fryer offers you the following:

  • Cook Book:
    The good news is that Cozyna Air Fryer presents an awesome benefit, such as a cookbook related to cooking recipes of air fryers. There are many recipes in these books which are specially designed for Cozyna Air Fryer. These recipes will augment your experience with this product.
  • E-Book:
    In addition to cookbook, an E-book is also included. These books also contain more than 50 mouth-watering recipes. This book has amazing recipes starting from basic; such as fries, chicken to most exquisite Molten Lava Cake.
  • Detachable Cooking Basket:
    It has a very lightweight detachable basket, which is used to contain the food when cooking. This basket can be removed easily and is dishwasher safe.

Pros of the Air Fryer by Cozyna

The pros of this air fryer are as follows.

  • No Horrible Smells:
    You can prepare anything from beef to fish in the air fryer without the lasting smells afterward. Whereas when you use a deep fryer, the smell is annoying at times.
  • Money Back Guarantee:
    You can enjoy peace of mind when buying this product, due to the 30-day trial period. If you’re not satisfied with the fryer after this period, you can get your money back. It is the offer by the manufacturer of the product.
  • Affordable Price:
    The price of this air fryer, when compared to the best service it offers, is very reasonable. You’ll never get this type of quality from other devices as you do by the Cozyna, at such a low, affordable price. 
  • Designed for Ease and Simplicity:
    This product is designed to make your life simple, with just two parts which are dishwasher safe. Now you don’t have to spend extra time to disassemble and clean the product.  The small, compact design takes up little space on your counter and is a good option for people with limited kitchen size.
  • Fast and Even Cooking:
    Cozyna Air Fryer cooks fast and guarantees that your food is cooked just like you wanted it. It takes 20 minutes to cook hamburgers or chicken fingers. In less than an hour, you can cook a whole meal, have it washed, and take pleasure in more family time.
  • Machine for Regular Use:
    It can fry, roast, bake and grill the food. And this all makes it an optimal product for daily use. Cozyna Air Fryer helps you enjoy your life with the healthiest food. Don’t fret over the cravings and calories associated with cake, steaks or meat. Cozyna has it all.

Cons of the Air Fryer by Cozyna

Besides exciting good things, this air fryer also contains some drawbacks. These bad points are stated below.

  • Too Simple Design:
    For those customers who want a more advanced product with hi-tech features like back-lit displays and more, the Air Fryer by Cozyna may appear primitive.
  • Low Exterior Quality:
    The paint of the product may peel off with time on the exterior, but this is mainly a cosmetic defect as it does not affect the machine’s performance at all.
  • Teflon Coating Peels Off:
    Non-stick Teflon coatings can chip and flake with time. It is one of the major pitfalls of the Cozyna Air Fryer.
  • Heats Up on the Outside:
    One flaw of this product is that the exterior heats up sometimes when it is working. Tough it is not that much hot to harm the user, but still, it’s a disadvantage that can affect the decision of a buyer.
  • Analog Display:
    Cozyna Air Fryer has adopted the old style dials for the timer and heat settings. Contemporary air fryers are using a digital display which is convenient and stylish.

Air Fryer by Cozyna Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following are the most frequently asked questions about this air fryer.

Q: Can We Cook Raw Food Like Baked Potatoes, Steaks or Chicken in This AirFryer?

Yes, you can easily cook raw potatoes for French fries or chicken, be it frozen or fresh with great results.

Q: Does Air Fryer by Cozyna Gives Smoke or Smell in the Kitchen While Preparing Meat in It?

Not at all, I have tried chicken and shrimp, and I did not see any smoke. There was a pleasant smell of food while cooking.

Q: Is It Dishwasher Safe?

This air fryer is very easy to clean with or without a dishwasher. It only has two simple parts which are dishwasher safe, and can be manually washed with ease.

Q: When This Device Is Working Does It Heat Up the Kitchen?

No, it doesn’t. But you must keep it away from the walls due to heat vent which releases steam. It may affect the temperature of a non-ventilated kitchen at a miniscule level.

Q: How Does Cozyna Air Fryer Work?

This Air Fryer has a removable basket where you can place the food you want to cook and add a small bit of oil, usually about a tablespoon or so will suffice.

Q: How Much Time Is Required to Cook Frozen Fries in This Gadget?

On high temperature, it will take around 15 minutes. The time depends on how much crispy you want the fries to be.

Q: I Have Heard Somewhere That the Inner Teflon Coating Starts Wearing Off after a Few Months. Is That True?

I am using mine for a couple of months, and I am using it a lot, especially for fries, and I did not see any peeling yet.

Q: Is This Air Fryer Suitable Only for Frozen Food or Can I Cook Battered Chicken?

It is suitable for both frozen and battered food. The final result for both types of food is perfect.

Q: If I Want to Make a Batch of Fries, How Many Servings Will It Serve?

If you want the fries to be crispy, then it will provide two servings for adults.

Q: Does This Air Fryer Need Any Extra Rack/pan?

No, it doesn’t require any rack for dripping fat as food is above the bottom. It has a removable basket that allows fat to drip into bottom Pan away from food.

Q: Is This Product Spacious Enough to Cook Chicken Wings for a Family of Four?

It’s a pretty good size basket, and you can easily place the chicken wings in it to get the healthier fried chicken with least oil.

Q: What Is the Height and Width of This Air Fryer?

The dimension of this air fryer is 15.5 x 13.2 x 12.9 inches. It’s small in size and can be placed very conveniently in a small kitchen.

Q: Can We Cook Food without Using Oil in It?

Yes, you can cook chicken and beef without using oil since they can be cooked in their melting fat.

Q: I Did Not Receive Any Cook Book with the Machine. Is There Any Way I Can Get the Books From?

Yes, the books are available on Cozyna’s website. You can download the book.

Q: Can I Cook Vegetables in It?

Yes, eggplant, zucchini, steaks, and egg can be cooked conveniently in this air dryer.

Q: Can I Make Donut in It or Is It Only Specified for Frozen Items?

You can bake stuff easily and get the best taste in this air fryer.

Q: What Is the Length of the Cord? Is It Long or Short?

The length of the cord is short. It is almost a foot long.

Q: How Much Warranty the Manufacturer Is Offering? I Am Not Talking About Money Back Guarantee.

The company is offering two years of warranty.

Q: Does It Make French Fries Crispy as in Deep Fryer?

Yes, the French fries are very crispy same as deep fried. It even cooks frozen fries perfectly crispy.

Q: Is This Air Fryer 110 Volts or 220?

This fryer is 110 volts.


The Air Fryer by Coznya is ideal for simple meals and is a versatile machine to create quick snacks. It’s inexpensive, affordable, and allows you to cook a diverse range of food without bothering. The Air Fryer by Cozyna, Low Fat Healthy, and Multi Cooker provides an alternative way to cook foods with least oil or sometimes without oil. So, you and your family members can enjoy healthier recipes to stay fit.

The Coyzna Air Fryer is unbelievably easy to use; it cooks fast, and guarantees that your food is cooked just like you want it to! It’s a great alternative to a traditional deep fryer and the taste of most foods improved from regular baking. Given its affordable price, the health benefits of using less oil, and the speed at which it can create simple meals, the Air Fryer Coznya is a great buy.

If you’re looking for an air fryer at an affordable price and also need some recipe ideas to cook, then Air Fryer by Cozyna, Low Fat Healthy, and Multi Cooker is the best choice for you.

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